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Internet Goes Wild Over Alyssa Nelson at Miami Heat Game: Video

Goran Dragic may have been on fire during Miami Heat's Monday match with the Indiana Pacers, but his spotlight was stolen by a fan cheering from the sidelines in a sexy black romper.

SOP newswire3Service Members Join Carter at NBA Finals as League Highlights DoD Partnership - At the invitation of National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver, four service members from around the country representing the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force joined Defense Secretary Ash Carter at Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland last night.
Robert Paul ReyesInternet Goes Wild Over Alyssa Nelson at Miami Heat Game: Video - Goran Dragic may have been on fire during Miami Heat's Monday match with the Indiana Pacers, but his spotlight was stolen by a fan cheering from the sidelines in a sexy black romper.
Robert Paul ReyesCam Newton: A Disgrace to the NFL! Peyton Manning: A Hero for the Ages! Video! - Cam Newton has rewritten the book on quarterback etiquette on the gridiron, whenever he makes a great play, which is quite often, he daps, dances, and imitates Superman, basically he does everything to call attention to himself, except whip out his Johnson to mark his territory.
SOP newswire3Military Units to Contribute to Super Bowl Pregame Ceremony - The Defense Department will provide ceremonial support to the pregame ceremony for Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, Feb. 7, Pentagon officials said.
Robert Paul ReyesKarl-Anthony Towns Co-stars With Cat in All-Star Vote Video - The Timberwolves created this nice little video of Towns aka KAT with a cat. The two travel the world together.
Robert Paul ReyesWatch Dirk Nowitzki's Donald Trump Impression - The Dallas Mavericks will do anything to pump up their fans, including having perennial All-Star Dirk Nowitzki wear a wig and do his Donald Trump impression in this admittedly fantastic promotional video.
SOP newswire3Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq - U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
Robert Paul ReyesAaron Rodgers Mocks Russell Wilson: 'God Was a Packers Fan Tonight' - Athletes with give God credit for a victory are trivializing religion, and besmirching themselves. Players like the infamous Tim Tebow who take it a step further and make an ostentatious display of religiosity when they make a great play are an abomination to their faith, and a disgrace to their sport.
Ron G AnselmFear and Self-Defense: One in the Same - If you have ever studied the Martial-Arts then you must have touched on fear and mental preparation somewhere along the way.
SOP newswire3Novak Djokovic Appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador - Novak Djokovic, the world`s top ranked tennis player, was today appointed Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations Children`s Fund.
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video: Squirrel Steals the Show at Phillies-Cardinals Game - Even sports fans who find baseball boring will find this video exciting.
SOP newswire3Cyclists Roll Out at 2015 Warrior Games - Cycling was the main event today in the 2015 Department of Defense Warrior Games underway at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.
Robert Paul ReyesAtlanta Falcons Waive Player Who Kicked Girlfriend's Dog to Death - I`d love to go deflategate on this creep, and kick him in his nuts a hundred times.
Robert Paul ReyesCan't Believe Tom Brady Has the Balls To Deny Culpability in Deflategate Scandal - If it were up to the publishers of the New York tabloids Tom Brady would be suspended for life for tampering with his balls, let`s see if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the cojones to mete out a stiff punishment.
SOP newswire3At UN, Billie Jean King Says Human Rights and Sports a Perfect Fit - Billie Jean King, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights icon, told the UN News Centre that human rights and sports are, in fact, a perfect fit for each other.
SOP newswire3NBA`s Houston Rockets Visit Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon - Crisp winds snapped across the sprawling grounds here today as members of the National Basketball Association`s Houston Rockets visited gravesites of fallen service members, met with an Army widow, and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza interviews Paul Francis Sullivan, Creator & Host of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast - Judyth Piazza interviews Paul Francis Sullivan, Creator & Host of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast on The American Perspective Radio Program.
Robert Paul ReyesMilwaukee Brewers Ban High-Fives to Stop Outbreak of Pinkeye - The Milwaukee Brewers have banned high-fives at spring training in Arizona in an effort to halt the spread of pinkeye among members of the team.
Ron G AnselmThe Martial-Arts: Self-Defense and Fitness Benefits - One of the questions I have heard throughout the years I have been training in the Martial-Arts is what is the best Martial-Art to take for not only self-defense but overall health benefits?
Robert Paul ReyesHome Movie Shows Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field in 1930s - A black-and-white home video shot at Wrigley Field in the 1930s shows a crowd of Chicago Cubs fans at a game during the early days stadium`s iconic ivy.
Robert Paul ReyesSeahawks WR Doug Baldwin Mimics Pooping During Super Bowl Touchdown Celebration - Doug Baldwin is ratchet to the core!
Robert Paul ReyesMichael Sam Not Good Enough for the NFL, He Was Given Every Chance to Succeed - Sam should stop insinuating that he was let go because of his sexual orientation, he should man up and shut the hell up.
Robert Paul ReyesDale Scott Becomes First Openly Gay active Major League Baseball Umpire - Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott is the first active male official to come out as gay in the four major professional American sports leagues.
Robert Paul ReyesNew York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. Makes Greatest Catch in NFL History: Video - It would be superfluous for me to try to describe the amazing one-hand grab: Enjoy watching the greatest catch in the history of the NFL!
Ron G AnselmAre You Ready for Some Football!? - Here is the play, McNabb and the offense comes to the line, McNabb is calling the signals to his offense which suddenly feels a sense of motivation like a true warrior
Robert Paul ReyesViral Video! Epic Meltdown by Minor Leauge Baseball Manager - There`s no crying in baseball, as any fan knows. But childish tantrums by umpires are par for the course.
Robert Paul ReyesNHL Player Ryan Malone Baffled After Cops Find Cocaine in His Pants: Video - Malone was shocked, shocked, shocked" cops found cocaine in jeans he has been wearing for three days.
Robert Paul ReyesRockies Give Away 15,000 Jerseys with Troy Tulowitzki`s Name Misspelled - As high as everyone is in the Mile High City, I`m surprised anyone noticed the typo.
Robert Paul ReyesFat Stupid New York Yankees Fan Sues ESPN for Filming Him Sleeping: Video - A fan who dozed off during a game at Yankee Stadium hopes to score a huge windfall over the merciless ribbing he got from two ESPN announcers.
SOP newswire3Secretary of Defense Calls 'Secretary of Defense` (Tim Howard) - Chuck Hagel called Tim Howard to thank him for defending the United States at the World Cup.
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Subcsribe to theSOP's Sports audio podcast.
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