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Will Says...

Las Vegas and Republican Debate is No Place to Find a Hero

Well, I had quite a week here in Las Vegas. You know things are going well if you can personally top the lights and glamour of this City of Sin, and last week I did.

Will RobertsLas Vegas and Republican Debate is No Place to Find a Hero - Well, I had quite a week here in Las Vegas. You know things are going well if you can personally top the lights and glamour of this City of Sin, and last week I did.
Will RobertsWill Says... DON'T Get Hurt at a Tea Party Event, You Might Just Be Left for Dead! - Boy, this week has been the week to recognize random acts of kindness. Now, I am going to take few of these from the news just so you know I have proof.
SOP newswire2"Republicans are in the way of Jobs" with Will Roberts & Richard A. Fowler - Where are the jobs? That is the question everybody is asking, no matter what political affiliation you subscribe to.
Will RobertsWill Roberts Says... Medication Shortages? Go Nautral, An Apple a Day, Keeps the Drug Companies Away! - Remember the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," well; somehow it seems with the absence of that saying has gone good health.
Will RobertsWill Roberts & The Daily Blather: It's time for a Smoke Break with John David Cameron SafeCig - Recently, I gave my radio listeners a smoke break. Now, if you tuned into my BlogTalkRadio.com show then you know I had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. John David Cameron.
Will RobertsThe Daily Blather: The Straw Poll That Broke The Camel`s Back! - Now I know I am beating a dead ... Camel with this Straw Poll talk. But with so much to talk about, and elections so close, 1 1/2 years...
Will RobertsWill Roberts & The Iowa Straw Poll: What a Hay Ride? - Will Roberts & The Daily Blather: It was all about Straw Poll Sunday. Driving the strip in Las Vegas or on the freeway, cause the strip is too crazy.
Will RobertsWill Says ... It`s Labor Day, or the Start of the Football Season - Will Says ... It`s Labor Day, or the start of the football Season, whichever is more important to you.
Will Roberts"Stupid is what stupid does", That is Sharron Angle's ANGLE! - Wow... anyone taking this woman seriously might just be from a Warner Bro cartoon.
Will RobertsBoy The Note in The Bottle Has Come a Long Way! - Now all I know is what I read on the Internet, when I can access it! Doing the show I am doing they tuck us in our dressing rooms, deep and dark in the bottom of the theater.
Will RobertsPot Legal in 14 States for Pain! - I don`t know about you folks but I can think of a few jobs I would not want folks smoking marijuana for pain.
Will RobertsWill's Daily Telegram: Does Congress Have its Head up its Ash? - Congress and Washington has had a cloud over it for as long as I can remember, maybe that explains everything!
Will RobertsHow to Ride a Mechanical Bull - Will Says... This weekend in Las Vegas is the World Finals of bull riding and the Return of world famos Gilley`s`
Will RobertsXmas Bomber: What was he thinking, or where was he thinking from? - They say that some men think with their crotch, in this case maybe this guy was not thinking at all. Think about it, most extremist attach it to their chest.
SOP newswire3UN: Eliminate Violence Against Women - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon led a chorus of United Nations officials today in calling on the international community to make greater efforts to tackle the global pandemic of violence against women and girls.
Will RobertsEconomic stimulus package almost wrapped and ready to ship? - They say that politicians have a short memory, especially after an election year and even shorter when they win.
Will RobertsHow Do We Know Michael Phelps Inhaled? - We have sports figures all over who have been jacked up on something for as long as I can remember.
Will RobertsRemember Air Jordan in the NBA? Now, it's Air Obama and the USA! - The first day in office, President Obama spent actually working, which in recent years I understand is not common place for the President to work on this day, go figure.
Will RobertsGood EYE, Mr. Bush, Good eye! - See, I have this pet peeve about people who are not thankful. You know, like when you go into a store and you greet someone and they don`t greet you back.Nature.
Will Roberts"Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day" - If you are wondering why I am singing this tune today, it is because I am high in the sky right now traveling from Phoenix to Oklahoma to do a show for a group of Oil folks.
Will RobertsNO credit, just CASH - Now this is the season of giving, although I bet most Americans would rather it was renamed the season of receiving.
Will RobertsCorporate America Needs a Time Out! - Mr. Obama is trying to keep our spirits up while Americans are down in the dumps
Will RobertsAuto Dealers and Manufacturers in the Same Boat - Well I am starting to sound like a broken record here talking about this Auto bail out.
Will RobertsCalifornia is burning and Obama is on fire, says humorist Will Roberts - As I write this, Obama is meeting with John McCain in Chicago. There is talk that Obama is considering putting a Republican elder in his cabinet.
Will RobertsThe Big 3 Auto Makers Prepare to Take America for a Ride - I worked in an auto mall and I developed the Internet buying department. That is something now that is sort of a given these days in a dealership.
Will RobertsIs the World Ready for a Proposition? - And the last thing is you have a little over 50% of the country on your side. Now remember whatever you do the other 40 something percent will be waiting for you to fall.
Will RobertsA Black Man Can't Be President: Can He? - The idea is to pick it as quickly as he can as to not undermine the power he has worked for in the last two years.
Will RobertsDid you vote Obama? - Day after election headlines: McCain WINS election, faints from the stress and DIES! Palin steps in as NEW President of the United States of America! LETS GO SHOPPING!
Will RobertsWill Roberts Reporting Live from Phoenix Arizona - Will Roberts Reporting Live from the Phoenix Arizona McCain Camp
Will RobertsStop the Robo Calls: I am Going to Vote - Hold your breath folks, 'cause here we go! The day before the elections, the most important election of our lifetime, at this point.
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