“I want to satisfy her” Caressing techniques to satisfy your girlfriend with sex

For men

‘I want to satisfy your girlfriend with sex! But how?’

If you’re a man who doesn’t know how to caress her in a way that makes her happy, please read this article.I’ll explain how to caress her pleasurably, part by part!

・I want to know where women feel good.
・I want her to be satisfied with sex.
・I want to build a good relationship with her through sex.

If you have any of these thoughts, please stay with us until the end.

It is not only for men, but also for women who want to know where their erogenous zones are located.

Want to try in sex! A caressing technique that will definitely satisfy her

So let’s continue on to technique you would want to try it with sex, starting tonight! Here are some caressing techniques that she will definitely appreciate.

‘Is it not a technique for penetration?’

Penetration is, of course, important for satisfying a woman in sex, but more than half of it is the caresses.

I won’t say that he who controls caresses controls sex, but it’s a very important point in satisfying a woman.

It is not to be neglected.

In this article, we’ve introduced the caressing techniques for each part of the body.

Let’s check it out right away.

Lip caressing on the neck and collarbone

In the early stages of caressing, use the flow from kissing to caress the neck and collarbone with your lips and tongue.

Many women find that the neck and collarbone are their sexual zones.

If you kiss her gently or caress her with your tongue, she will get more and more excited about sex.

Slowly caress her with occasional kisses on the lips.

Be careful not to drool all over your breasts.

Breast caresses

Many people do breast caressing on a regular basis.

However, there are surprisingly few people who do it knowing how to allocate the time and how to touch and how to make a woman feel.

The breast is the point where you can feel orgasm without insertion if you master development.

Please try to learn the technique that women really feel and let them feel orgasms with their breasts alone.

When caressing your breasts, it is recommended to start with the top of your clothes.

Try rubbing them slowly or finding your nipples and pinching them with your fingers.

At this point, be careful not to pull on your clothes or use methods that hurt your underwear, as a woman who cares about her clothes will be distracted by them and won’t be able to feel the pleasure.

To avoid monotony, caress with intensity.

When you’re done caressing through your clothes, slowly remove your clothes.

Caress the breast with your lips, tongue and hands, starting weakly and gradually increasing in intensity.

Occasionally, you may want to move your mouth away and blow lightly on the nipple.

This will increase your sensitivity to a different sensation.

Try biting your nipple gently or pinching it a little harder when you’re in the hardest phase.

Kissing your nipples while doing so is even more effective.

Caresses on the belly and back

Did you know that the belly and back are also female erogenous zones?

It is highly recommended to caress your belly in the flow of caressing your breasts or caressing your back while inserting yourself from the back.

Many women feel tickled when their sides are touched as well. Try gently caressing them between your lips.

You can also try gently kissing and sucking on them.

It’s a good idea to watch your partner and check what parts of the body feel good while doing so.

If they want to tickle you too much, it’s wise to stop.

Caressing her fingers

Did you know that caressing her fingers is also a great way to satisfy her?

At first glance, we tend to think that fingers have nothing to do with sexual pleasure, but caressing them brings a good essence.

To be specific, try taking her hand and licking her fingers during sex.

This is visually very sexy, and the feeling of being under his control will make her feel a lot of fun.

Vagina caressing

Caressing the vagina is a pretty basic part of sex, but there is actually an order in caresses.

The first step is to caress the clitoris, and then when she is able to come externally, you can stimulate the inside of the vagina, including the G-spot.

Portio can be touched after the clitoral stimulation, as a well-developed woman can orgasm relatively easily.

But as a general rule, stimulating the clitoris, G-spot, and then the portio in that order is less likely to fail.

It is not pleasant to touch the vagina area blindly. First, take your time caressing her clitoris to increase her body’s sensitivity sufficiently.

Then, when you feel that her vaginal area is getting wet, you should start stimulating her vagina.

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When caressing during sex

Then, here are some things to keep in mind when caressing for sex.

The following are 4 points to keep in mind when caressing your partner during sex.

  • Watch your partner carefully
  • If she is in pain or does not like it, refrain from doing so.
  • Try to be gentle at first.
  • Use impatience to your advantage.

The caresses you are doing to please her are counterproductive if she doesn’t like them, is in pain, or is scared.

Be sure to pay attention to what you’re doing and make sure you do it in a way that makes her happy.

Now let’s explain each reason in detail.

Watch your partner carefully

First of all, it is very important to observe your partner when you are caressing him/her.

It is something you do while watching your partner, so observe and take in how they feel.

If he really feels it, keep doing the same movement without changing it.

You may change the strength or speed here, but if you want her to feel the orgasm, it is more effective to stimulate with the same strength and speed.

If she’s in pain or doesn’t like it, stop

If she is sore or uncomfortable during the caresses, then it is best to stop that caress.

Generally speaking, female sexuality varies from person to person.

What may feel good to everyone may only be painful to you.

If you continue to caress her with painful caresses, it may cause deep trauma to her mind.

You may not be able to tell him that it hurts or that you don’t want to because you are too concerned about him, so it’s important to watch what’s going on and get a feel for how he feels, just as you did before.

Sex is a form of communication, so it’s not the end of the world when one of you is satisfied.

Be gentle at first

When you start caressing, be sure to do it gently at first.

If a woman’s sexual organs are not sufficiently sensitive, they may not feel good, but rather may be painful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as gentle as a feather touch.

This is the same for any area you touch.

If you want to stimulate her a little harder, do it when she’s getting used to the caresses.

Let her get used to the rhythm of a gentle, gradual, strong stimulation at first.

Use impatience to your advantage

Incorporating a moderate amount of impatience into your caresses is also helpful.

If you are repeating the same movements and predictable caresses all the time, she will inevitably get bored.

Humans are interested in unpredictable things, so it’s not a good idea for your petting to get stuck in a rut.

That’s where impatience comes in.

It’s also helpful to shift your caresses just a little bit, such as not caressing her right away when she wants it, or caressing a little bit away from where she wants you to touch her.

‘Why won’t you touch me?’ And the sensitivity of your body should be increasing at the same time as she wonder.

You won’t want to rush it too much, so let’s keep it in moderation.

The benefits of satisfying her with sex

Let’s start off with the benefits of satisfying her with sex.

Here are three benefits you get from satisfying her with sex!

  • She becomes more spontaneous about sex.
  • It’s a lot of fun to have sex with.
  • You’ll feel more confident in your technique.

I’ll explain why each one in turn!

She becomes more spontaneous about sex

For starters, if you can satisfy her with sex, she will be more willing to have sex.

If you’re a man looking at this article right now, you have at least as much sex drive as anyone else and you’re probably thinking, “I’d want to enjoy more sex if I could!”

If she becomes more active in sex and looks forward to playing with you, she might be more willing to try more daring positions and be open to playing something a little more abnormal.

If that happens, don’t you think it can only be a good thing for you?

Makes sex a lot more fun

Making her happy with sex will naturally make the sex very exciting.

If she’s pretending to have an orgasm by acting out, or if she’s the type of person who doesn’t respond well, it might seem a bit boring.

However, if you really feel an orgasm, it’s impossible to pretend you’re not feeling it.

Inevitably, she will roll out the response you want.

The sight of her having an orgasm should visually fuel your arousal even more.

It will definitely make for more exciting sex than usual.

You’ll feel more confident in your technique

If you can satisfy her with sex, you’ll feel more confident in your sex technique.

I’m sure many men have talked to each other about whether or not they’ve ever had a woman have an orgasm.

There are probably very few men who are not interested in their own sex techniques.

In the unlikely event that you have to break up with your current girlfriend, it will be a very important factor in your next relationship.

As you become more confident in your own sex technique, your confidence as a man will inevitably rise.

Thus, I hope you can see that ‘satisfying her with sex’ is an indispensable benefit for men.

Now let’s get right to the practical part.

Satisfaction with sex can also affect her after sex!

So far, we’ve covered the techniques and dos and don’ts of caressing.

The satisfaction of sex has an impact on your daily life after sex.

If you’re satisfied with sex, you can break away from some of the things you don’t like about him and think ‘that’s cute’.

However, if you are not satisfied with sex, you are more likely to have bad feelings about how he responds to you afterwards.

Also, if you aren’t satisfied with sex, sex itself will become a chore and she will seek you out less often.

You should assume that your satisfaction with sex is also linked to your relationship with each other afterwards.

If you want to build a good long-term relationship with your girlfriend, it’s perfectly natural to try to satisfy her with sex.

This is the same thing for her.

I recommend using a sex toy when stimulating multiple points

Have you ever had the experience of being so focused on one part of your body during sex that the other parts of your body are neglected?

No one is that handy.

It can be difficult to focus on more than one area at a time.

In that case, I recommend using a sex toy.

If she likes to have her clitoris and nipples stimulated, use a vibrator, or if she likes to have her G-spot and portio stimulated, use a dildo.

While you’re caressing her with these sex toys, use your fingers and mouth to stimulate other parts of her body.

Attacking multiple points is highly recommended as it spreads your awareness.

I highly recommend trying it.


How did you like it?

Whether or not she is satisfied with sex depends on the caresses.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but it is difficult for a woman to feel pleasure when inserted unless her body’s sufficiently heightened of sensitivity.

Use the caressing techniques in this article to enjoy more exciting sex with her.

The use of sex toys is also highly recommended when you want to stimulate multiple points and increase the variety of caresses.

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