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Published:June 8th, 2010 21:28 EST
Nuke The Ruptured Oil Well?

Nuke The Ruptured Oil Well?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The chatter began weeks ago as armchair engineers brainstormed for ways to stop the torrent of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico: What about nuking the well?

Decades ago, the Soviet Union reportedly used nuclear blasts to successfully seal off runaway gas wells, inserting a bomb deep underground and letting its fiery heat melt the surrounding rock to shut off the flow. Why not try it here?"

The New York Times/William J. Broad

Please take note that this excerpt is from the venerable New York Times, and not a British tabloid.

After weeks of trying almost everything to stop the oil leak, BP finally achieved partial success by capping the ruptured well. BP has managed to funnel over half a million gallons of oil to a ship at the surface, but hundreds of gallons of crude are still spilling into the ocean.

As Americans witness the havoc wreaked on the environment, and on the communities of the gulf coast we grow desperate enough to consider the nuclear option.

The administration warns us that the oil may continue to spill into the oceans for months to come. This is simply unacceptable -- what ever happened to the American "can do spirit" that propelled us to the moon?

"Stephanie Mueller, a spokeswoman for the Energy Department, said that neither Energy Secretary Steven Chu nor anyone else was thinking about a nuclear blast under the gulf. The nuclear option was not - and never had been - on the table, federal officials said." The New York Times

If the oil spill continues to foul the gulf for months to come, Obama won`t be reelected. This is Katrina times a hundred, and the president may very well consider the nuclear option before long.

This isn`t a Superman movie, and dropping a nuclear bomb on the ruptured oil well isn`t a feasible option, the results would be unpredictable and devastating.

But come on Obama, your job is on the line! Think of something, fast!

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