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Published:August 28th, 2009 23:12 EST
Mark Freedman's "My wife is my Dental Hygienist"

Mark Freedman's "My wife is my Dental Hygienist"

By Mark Freedman

It always seems that after a long day of working hard, my wife likes to "Take a peek" into my mouth. Well, sure that sounds nice. Aw, how lovely to have your nimble fingered wife take care of your very sensitive gum tissue. All though beneficial, it can be very horrifying. I have been compared to an 8 year old boy, as the worst patient ever to have laid in the chair. Sure, it seems harmless, but try having a tool, sharper than Edward`s scissor hand, placed in your mouth by the women who might realize that in just a few minutes you really can`t fold clothes no matter how many times you have been shown, or that it would probably be a better idea to thaw the meat out before putting it into the oven to cook.

Well, Katey is an awesome Hygienist!!!!..She truly is. She also however, can be very very sneaky.............. On a mild summer`s day, on a day like any other day much like today I received a message letting me know to come into the office to have one of my fillings checked by the Dentist. It would be at the end of the day when the Dentist would have time to check it out right quick and make sure it looks good and then send me on my way. Awesome! There is nothing better than a routine check up!

"Hello everyone!" I skipped in saying. Happy as ever, I plopped right down in the chair. Katey walked over and kissed me. The chair lay back and a mask was put on my face....Hm that`s interesting. I don`t see why a mask needs to be on my face for a checkup. Then our friend, who is the assistant welcomed me into the office and turned up the Nitrous Oxide...... Cool! I had no idea what that was but if I had to compare it to something I would compare it to the feeling of going straight down in an airplane without the "fear"....

After getting very giggly the Dr came over and looked in my mouth and saw that the filling looked fine. Great! I could go....................."Well Katey, it looks like Marks filling looks fine. Since he is already here, is there anything else we should do?"...

"Let`s pull a tooth!".. she hope by "pull a tooth", she meant go to Wal Mart and get ink for our printer.........It would appear that I had no choice in the matter though because I couldn`t move my arms......After a few crunching sounds and staring at a little tweedy bird in the window, overlooking the mountains, my wisdom tooth was gone. It did not hurt at all! Probably because it was a bone. I DID hurt though!!!!! Well, not really, not until later that night.

I was sabotaged by my best friend. Sabotaged by love. She cares about my teeth, for my health and our baby`s health. I am so fortunate to have a Dental Hygienist as my wife. You should see my teeth....

.....It feels good to know that my mouth is in good hands. It feels even better to know that those hands not only love me, but our daughter and her mouth as well, and that alone is the reason I love her back, and floss, everyday........

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