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Published:September 27th, 2009 11:17 EST
Humor Makes us Love Life

Humor Makes us Love Life

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Humor uplifts our souls, enriches our lives and makes us forget our problems, even though temporarily, regardless we are in the "happy" or the " tragic" zone of life. It is the sunshine of our spiritual life.
Humor makes us love life. Whether we are millionaires and enjoying  a gorgeous dinner party or suffering in a hospital bed; whether we are seven or seventy; whether we are  top intellectuals or are primitive unalphabets;  whether we are caught up in the stress of our working lives or are enjoying the quiet and the serenity far away from the civilisation, a witty remark, a humorous story which brings a laughter to our souls, makes us happy and apprecciate its teller. Laughter brings down our high blood pressures, affects our hormones positively; gives us the zest and stamina no money or a politician can give to us.
 Humor is the most essential source of happiness in our lives!
Humorous films, TV humor shows, comedy theaters, comedy programs on the radio, funny pages of the newspapers and the magazines, funny web-sites all contribute to our well-being, in  all the seriousness of our lives. "Laughter", like music, food, medicines, architecture, friends, is an inseperable part of our lives.
The biggest philosophy book ever written on the theme "laughter" is "Le Rire" by the great French philosopher Henri Bergson. I recommend everyone interested in the intellectual aspects of "humor" to read this book.
Recently "Saban Sabanoglu", a Turkish comedy film, was elected as the funniest film in the world. Among the fifty funniest films on the list, there are six by the same actor "Saban" a Turkish comedian whose naturally idiotic looking face can make the saddest spectator burst into laughter. So, words are not the only source of laughter and humor- looks can also make one laugh.
Aziz Nesin, another great Turkish humorist, pulled out the first prize in "Krokodil" contest in Russia, a $25,000 sum, I believe, when the U.S.S. R President`s monthly salary was $ 200.

In his one page story, Nesin told the story of an author  who was punished by the court, for his belief in communism, and the sentence entailed that he should live outside the city limits.

Well, the poor man was placed in a tent, outside the city. Soon, clever business-minded sellers started to appear beside him : sandwich and bagel sellers, hot dog stands, cigarette sellers, kiosks selling newspapers, magazines, alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee and soft drinks, what not. Soon, friends of him, as well as his admirers started to visit him. Soon were other institutions added to the crowd: a barbershop in a tent, flower seller, shoe polisher, a taxi stand, a telephone kiosk, a paid-toilet, a minibus service from the examples) And the place was turned into an urban area.

The police came one day,  to the place and ordered the man to leave and re-settle outside the city limits, as the place had turned into an urban area and was annexed to the city. The poor author was obliged to re-settle outside the city once again! But, soon enough where he went, the same process happened and his new place was also turned into a city and he was obliged to move again to outside the city limits.
There too, the same thing happened and he kept moving and moving outside the city limits, causing a city to come into being, whereever he moved to.
What do you say to this story? In communist times, a man decides to go to the opera and takes a taxi to the square where the opera building is. When the taxi stops in front of the opera house, the man gives a ten ruble banknote to the driver. The driver pays back eight rubles and says "Sorry, I must give you twenty kopeks more, but I have no change."

"No problem" says the man, "keep it."  "I can`t" answers the driver. "It is against the law."

"Well then" says the man, " drive me a little further, and when the taximeter writes twenty kopeks more, stop there."  The driver drives a hundred meter more and when the taximeter shows the exact sum, this time the green traffic lights don`t permit him to stop. When he can stop, it is 30 kopek more, but this time the man doesn`t have the change to pay for it.

So he continues the carousel around the square and when finally the taximeter shows a round figure and man can pay for it and get off the taxi, it is already too late for the performance...

So much for the communist bureaucracy...
Humor doesn`t have to be long stories and thick books, hour long comedy shows, sometimes a few words can make us laugh too:

An American goes to a cafe in Moscow in communist  times and orders a cup of coffee without cream. "We don`t have cream, we have only milk" says the waitress. "OK"says the American, it can be without milk then!"
If you like a really juicy humorous book, here I recommend you two:

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( This book became #1 among the top rated books in Italy Magazine (U.K.) surpassing the Roman classic Juvenal`s "Satires".)

WISDOM IN SMILE  by  Askin Ozcan
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(This book was chosen by Prakash Books of India, a leading publisher, to be published in India also)

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