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Published:October 11th, 2009 12:30 EST
Ordinary People Finding Small Miracles

Ordinary People Finding Small Miracles

By SOP newswire2

Askin Ozcan is author to six titles in different genres. "SMALL MIRACLES " is a well-narrated account of thirty miraculous happenings from his life in Turkey, Denmark, U.K., U.S., Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Poland.

With his last crown in his pocket, Askin Ozcan wins in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, a big cheese wheel, which helps to pay his debts to his host family. The next day, he miraculously finds work and obtains a work permit the same day - an unbelievable series of events.

In Turkey, in his military service in the east, he draws in the lottery, the only village accessible by car, while eighty six other teacher officers are sent to villages on horse and mule back. Astonishing incidents cause him to be transferred to a touristic resort in the west - a pure miracle!

After his military service, miracles continue in his life. He finds a dream job in London, as the manager of a small travel agency specialising in travel to Turkey. Again as a miracle, he meets his class friend from Turkey, in Piccadilly Circus. He meets a delightful French girl in London, whom he loses, but finds, as a miracle, later, in a small hotel.

He returns to Turkey, after a year in London. Then, another another miracle happens and he meets
an American in his week-end trip to a village in Bulgaria, which results in his coming to Cambridge, Massachusetts with a business project.


Miracles follow one another in his life in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On his girlfriend`s
birthday, he finds a parcel when his cheque is not accepted to buy a present for her. On Christmas day, a miracle brings him and his girlfriend together, after they have broken off their friendship for a while.

Unable to extend his visa in the U.S., he passes to Canada as an immigrant. Miracles help him continue his architectural studies at the University of Toronto.

Before his graduation, a miracle brings him very close to making $200.000, with his saved $1,000, but he cannot take advantage of that.

Life brings him to Sweden where he finds, again, as a miracle, his life time`s job. Many miracles happen in his life in Sweden which will astonish the reader. "Two Spectacles in the Sky" is an indisputable miracle. "The Pillow" is a suspenseful story how his life is saved in an excursion to Finland, where he shares a cabin with a drunken passenger.
The book is full of unique adventures, true stories of big and small miracles, which author Askin Ozcan admits their being the acts and proofs of God.
"SMALL MIRACLES" has brought author Askin Ozcan, a "Thank you" letter from His Holiness The Pope Benedictus XVI.

Recently the book has been chosen by the Prakash Books of India, a leading publisher,
and will soon be published in India as well.
Soft cover, 124 pages, available at 200 Internet bookshops and via 25,000 bookstores globally including,,,,,,,, under the author`s name.

Worldwide distribution:
Widely reviewed internationally in U.S.A., Turkey, Sweden.

See for reviews:,


Author. Has six published titles in the U.S. Also many articles published internationally. Currently writer/ mentor at, writes also for,, Has worked in the past as correspondent for The Travel Trade Gazette International (U.K:), in Turkey. Over eighty articles published in Hurriyet Daily (Turkey) and other articles in Sweden, India.