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Published:June 7th, 2010 09:28 EST
The Light That Touched My Life

The Light That Touched My Life

By Preet Narayan

My best friend once gave me a card that said "WHAT DO WE LIVE FOR, IF, NOT TO MAKE LIFE LESS DIFFICULT FOR EACH OTHER". I have now understood that statement completely.

Today, as I embark on a new path a friend in fact, the best friend Priya, comes to mind. Priya, my friend, confidant, soulmate (if it`s possible to have a soul mate of the same gender). She loved me, pampered me, trusted me like no one else did. She taught me that love was always giving, caring, and supporting the other person, what you can call Unconditional love". We have been friends for almost 18 years and I don`t remember a single occasion when I needed her and she wasn`t there. Sadly, the same can`t be said about me, I was always hesitant to show my affection, always slow to say sorry for a mistake.

Today at this stage of my life, when she is no longer with me, I miss the comfort of her silence, the strength of her faith.

After she was gone I thought I`ll never find such love and understanding with another person but thankfully God had a perfect plan. He blessed me with a wonderful husband Kulp and an adorable daughter. They are my life, my light, my whole world. Kulp has turned out to be my KNIGHT IN THE SHINNING ARMOUR, who taught me that love is about faith, respect, freedom, togetherness and most importantly forgiveness. He taught me that we need to forgive our partner for things they have done, things they have forgotten to do. He showed me the ways to cherish the togetherness, respect the freedom and at the end of the day, to have the faith that he`ll be there for me, no matter what. The only thing I sometimes miss is the verbal expression. I know he loves me, he has shown it time and again, but it would be a lot nicer if I could hear him say it. I guess God compensated for that longing by making my daughter extremely naughty and vocal. Throughout the day she keeps telling me a thousand times how much she loves me.

You must be thinking why I am writing all this. It`s my personal story that concerns or interests nobody. Well, I`ll tell you why?

Because I have not been able to tell them all this, maybe I `m shy, or hesitant, or egoist, can`t say why I couldn`t just say it all but felt the urge to write it!

With little experience that I have of life, I would suggest to you to love your partner with complete honesty, surrender your heart and soul to the relationship you value. As some wise man once said THE BEST WAY TO LOVE SOMETHING IS TO REALISE IT MIGHT GET LOST.

So, go ahead hug the one you love and don`t let him/her leave.