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Published:February 23rd, 2008 17:58 EST
Saving Marriages & Healing Hearts With Gourmet Bacon!

Saving Marriages & Healing Hearts With Gourmet Bacon!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Even a bona fide “Bacon Freak” agrees that when it comes to the ever perplexing “Matters of the Heart,” the first word to naturally pop into your mind is probably NOT bacon. No, actually you should be thinking “Gourmet Bacon!”

That's right. You see, down in the East Texas city of Palestine, there's a lovely couple by the name of Melvin and Minnie Lou Scott who, just last month, happily and most enthusiastically celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary together.

At the still active and spry age of 100 and 99 respectively, these two love birds are the oldest “known” married couple in the entire United States. So when asked how to successfully hold a marriage together for 8 decades, what would you guess their answer might be?

They make a dedicated point to enjoy the simple pleasures in life in and that begins with starting off almost every single day with a balanced breakfast that includes bacon. Not just any ole' run of the mill bacon mind you, but “Country Bacon!” 

For those not yet in the know, country bacon is the “down home” name for what some “City Folk” tend to call “Gourmet Bacon.” It's that fresh, delectably delicious, rich and thick, all natural, free range, country fed, home raised and dresses “Blue Ribbon Award Winning” bacon.

You know, the bacon “without” all those chemical additives, man-made antibiotics, artificially induced hormones. Not the stuff that come from the local “Mega Mart or national chain supermarket, with all that injected, engorging water to look make it look bigger and better. Not the typical store bought bacon, packed with preservatives to make it look, smell and hopefully taste fresher. No, they're talking about real, natural, healthy and tasty “country bacon.”

"If people want to stay married, I guess I would tell them to live right, stay off dope and live a clean life," Minnie Lou said. Melvin insists it's their very active lifestyle and unchanging diet that keeps their bodies, minds and marriage going strong. "We've always worked," he says. "We still work.”

Meanwhile, just a couple of hundred miles away in Houston, TX, Dr. Nathan Bryan-- a well respected researcher at the University of Texas in Houston-- claims that gourmet bacon might very well be the key to saving your life.

"You should not avoid eating bacon because of the nitrate content," Dr. Bryan said. "If anything, the nitrate content is what protects our heart during a heart attack." Bryan claims these nitrates naturally found in bacon form a type of “nitric oxide” gas in the body that actually works to re-open blocked arteries, especially during a coronary event, such as a heart attack.

Gourmet bacon, saving marriages and healing hearts all over this great land of ours. That's special!

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