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Published:June 27th, 2008 19:00 EST
Meet Brenda (The Pancake Lady) of

Meet Brenda (The Pancake Lady) of

By Rocco Loosbrock

I recently met with Brenda, owner and founder of Williamson Kenwood to learn more about her pancakes.  Let me start by saying this gal is no short stack!  Her pancake mixes aren`t just for pancakes, they are for making all kinds of great recipes such as muffins, scones and cookies, in fact she is the featured chef at this month boasting her original Bacon Frittata.


What is so unique about her pancakes you ask? Here is the secret. She put the flavor inside the pancakes! " I had never heard of such a thing. 


Brenda`s story began with one simple desire and that was to give fun but useful gifts to her family and friends for the holidays.   After years of giving homemade cookie boxes for gifts, she began searching for a new gift idea, but she wanted to avoid giving people junk that would just gather dust or be thrown away.  A consumable food item was still the obvious choice. 

In the meantime she was raising two boys and looking for quick, everyday food ideas.  A breakfast staple was silver dollar pancakes, which she served without butter and syrup.  Instead, she added flavor to the inside of the pancake itself to make a handheld treat for the boys.

The next holiday season she shared the pancakes with her extended family and friends.  Having the flavor on the inside of the pancakes enabled her to customize the batches so everyone could have a pancake mix inspired by their favorite treat.  They were a hit with everyone who tried them.  Since then, she has developed nearly 20 flavors such as Strawberries & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Café Latté as well as my personal favorite Maple & Butter.


I am hoping she finds it in her heart to make a bacon pancake!



To try these delicious pancakes visit


Signing off and pigging out.


Rocco Boss Hog " Loosbrock