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Published:October 9th, 2008 11:25 EST
Athena`s gift to Rome and the world.

Athena`s gift to Rome and the world.

By Rocco Loosbrock

For thousands of years, throughout each epoch of our human history, the olive and the olive branch have been universally utilized as the colloquial term and iconic symbol representing the concept of peace, prosperity, safety and wellness found within a system or circumstance of balanced harmony. 

Actually even going back to Pre-History, ? the long treasured, oral traditions of the ancient Mediterranean world reveal the powerful mystery behind the tiny olive in the mythology of the Greeks. It seems, according to legend, that the God Zeus once held a contest, offering to bestow the prize of the soon to be created city of Athens to the one entity that provided the most useful gift to humanity.  

Powerful Poseidon, official overseer of the seas felt he had a sure slam-dunk victory on hand when he offered up a clean, clear spring of fresh drinking water. However, as it turned out, lovely Athena, whom the beautiful city was clearly, eventually named after, came bearing the gift of the olive tree, which proved to be ruled the most useful to humanity, as a source of fuel, oil for lanterns, nutrition, moisturizing and revitalizing skin and hair treatment, seasoning, body salve and a whole host of internal and external health and medicinal purposes. 

Athena`s gift made such an appreciative impression on the ancient Greeks; that from that point on, wreaths made from the intertwined branches of the olive tree were offered in respectful homage to the victors or political elections, battles, wars and athletic events, such as the Olympics. 

In Ancient Rome, during the known world`s ? period Pax Romana, ? (Roman Peace) a time of relative tranquility forcefully foisted upon the earth`s population by the all pervasive, clenched iron fist of the Roman Empire, ready to come smashing down at the slightest sign of unrest or rebellion, defeated kingdoms came bearing gifts, including olive branches ? in a symbolic gesture acknowledging and accepting the rule of the empire and seeking terms of peace, protection and provisions for the remaining population and leaders of the conquered nation. 

Olives represented the ideas of peace and prosperity for a very simple and logical reason. Olive trees take a very long time to grow and bear fruit, approximately 12 to 15 years, so obviously, the successful cultivation of olives is something that is simply impossible to do during times of war. 

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Rocco Loosbrock

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