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Published:November 21st, 2008 08:28 EST
Review of Lomond Wines

Review of Lomond Wines

By Rocco Loosbrock


As the proprietor of the Coastal Vineyards Wine Club I get to taste a lot of different wines to determine which wines go into our wine clubs.  We welcome you to our private cellar and our video series called Message in a Bottle. Today we will be tasting the Lomond Merlot 2005.


As a reminder our wine reviews aren`t meant to be a high society snob review.  We are just going to drink and talk about the wines that we regularly feature in our wine club.  So kick back, relax and enjoy.


Lomond Wines was created in 2004 in South Africa.  For those of you who aren`t up on there South African wine and grape growing geography, Lomond is located in the Gans Bayi area in the valley of the Uilenkraal River.  Yes I know its hard to pronounce but it drinks very well.  " hey if you asked someone about napa 20 years ago, they would say what`s that or where`s that?  So I didn`t expect you to know.


At first glance you will see that this merlot is a very Vibrant, lively red color.  Its nose is gives off a mulberry aroma.  Your palate will pick up some sweet plums and a hint of smokiness. 


This wine has a great balance between fruit and wood make it a great wine!


To watch the video and see the rating we give this wine that is apart of the Coastal Vineyards South African Wine Club click here



Rocco Loosbrock


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