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Published:February 9th, 2009 13:55 EST
Get Out of The Valentine`s Day Dog House

Get Out of The Valentine`s Day Dog House

By Rocco Loosbrock

Valentine`s Day comes only once a year! So you want to make sure that you
get it right with the love of your life, or risk a very cold and lonely 365
days till your next chance to get yourself out of the "Dog House" with your
significant other.

Hey, instead of worrying about ending up in the "Dog House," be smart and
show a little "in-touch," sophisticated, "hipster" class. Come experience
the new and delightful, popular phenomenon of jumping on into the "Pig Pen"
and getting a little dirty!

Now you have fun by playfully tempting and tantalizing your lovers tongue
with the seductively sensuous, sweet and salty sensation known as "Bacon
Freak Piglets!" This is ultimate taste treat for those who truly love both
candy and bacon.

Imagine if you dare, thick, tasty bits of our world famous, dry cured Bacon
Freak Bacon, cooked up to absolute perfection my our master chef with brown
sugar and boutique quality chopped pecans and then oven baked until  a
lustrous golden brown.

So, while it sensuously satiates one`s impassioned craving and lust for that
decadently delicious flavor of candy, it doesn`t have the negative
side-effect of all those unfortunate calories that come with most
Valentine`s Day Special Surprises.

Instead, along with its delectably delightful taste and ever so popular
"figure friendly" lower caloric intake, are the additional health benefits
of increased protein that come from both the gourmet bacon and fresh pecans!

Originally created to simply be eaten right out of bag on their own, Bacon
Freak Piglets are a perfect mid-day snack, work-place pick me up, or
power-boosting treat for sports enthusiasts, hikers, bikers and "ballers".
They`re perfect for when you`re on the go, traveling, camping, at the beach
or any sporting or social event or occasion.

Plus, they are delicious for topping salads, baked potatoes, even cakes and
ice cream! Don`t forget to try adding them to various types of stews or
soups and some people even love them on good old fashioned corn bread!

Ladies, sit back and watch you man smile with satisfaction when you put your
tasty piglets in his mouth and let him suckle that immaculate brown sugar
sweetness that`s generously glazed over thick, rich nuggets of premium
quality gourmet bacon.

Gentlemen, I absolutely guarantee you from personal experience that this the
perfect Valentine`s Day snack for that special lady who loves the taste of
nuts and a little meat served up with her sweat and salty Valentine`s day
surprise! Give her sweet protein without all the calories!

And for a Valentines Day Special, we`ve got them on sale, marked down from
$6.25 to just  $5.95 to help you make this Valentine`s Day a day of absolute
satisfaction and fun that you`ll remember for years to come!