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Published:May 9th, 2009 13:43 EST
Premium Quality South African Wines Amaze The Experts!

Premium Quality South African Wines Amaze The Experts!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Some people observe the amazing popularity and fanatical connoisseur obsession with South African wines lately and assume this is just some sort of whirl-wind trend that has simply come to pass and will sputter out when the next "fashion" arises on the scene.

These people clearly don`t know their wine or their history. South African wines are well beyond merely being a temporary "hot ticket" item taking the entire world of premium quality, small production specialty gourmet wines by storm.

In fact, the truth is, as early as 1659, many South African wines, including the ever popular "Constantia" were enthusiastically proclaimed to some of the greatest boutique quality wines in the entire world.

Sadly, the uncertain political environment kept most of the world from being able to partake of the flavorful fountain of fruity freshness expertly put into every bottle. This of course led to South African wines being the hard to come by, rare specialty finds that ONLY the wealthiest and well connected gourmands and aficionados could afford to enjoy!

Since the fall of apartheid, South African wines have surged in international popularity with its recently found "open access" to world wide markets. This newly encountered "free and clear" pathway to the world has unleashed a tremendously gigantic burst of excited energy and new investment in this delectable delicacy, once limited to being the exclusive epicurean experience of the rich and famous.

The style of wines coming from this "reborn" nation seems to symbiotically straddle the New & Old Worlds, combining the ripe flavorful fruit of the former, with the traditionally elite elegance and rustic restraint of the latter.

Despite the exceptionally perfect warm climate, humidity levels and soil that leads to the ultimate red wines, South Africa had amazed the world with it`s equally impressive white wines as well.

Particularly beloved and renowned is the South African "Chenin Blanc," also known around the globe as "Steen." Of course the South African" Cabernet Sauvignon" and "Syrah / Shiraz" are absolutely mouthwatering! And if you have never tried the Cape`s own variety, called "Pinotage," you are truly missing out!

Hey, why would you miss out! Coastal Vineyards Wine Club is proud to introduce you to our increasingly popular South African Wine Club. Come check it out for yourself and see why wine experts around the globe can`t get enough of the wonderful wines of South Africa!

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Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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