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Published:June 4th, 2009 16:53 EST
  Bacon & Beer Happy Hour

Bacon & Beer Happy Hour

By Rocco Loosbrock

OK my fellow bacon freaks, it`s once again time to get out shriek for joy, bang some cymbals, blow some horns and start spinning those noise makers, as last night was the fourth annual "Bacon and Beer Happy Hour" faithfully celebrated with glee, gurgling and gusto over at an increasingly popular dinning and drinking establishment in Baltimore Maryland that goes by the name of "Bad Decisions."Sam Sessa, The Baltimore Sun`s nightlife and local entertainment reporter wrote a great blog post "Recapping the Bacon and Beer Happy Hour at Bad Decisions". This story is based on that report - go check it out!

OK, why anyone would want to open up a business in the most highly competitive and toughest racket on Earth and call that endeavor "Bad Decisions," is well beyond me, but obviously, as this is now their fourth annual celebration of the "Bacon and Beer Happy Hour," they clearly are doing OK and let`s face it, there`s NOTHING bad in a decision to promote the wondrous marvels of "beer and bacon," so obviously they know what they`re doing!

One thing this bar / club definitely understands is the power of social media networking. This is an establishment that has done pretty much ALL of its advertising and promotions through free usage of various promotional public portals, particularly TWITTER!

Sadly, I had business to attend to, so I was unable to make it out to the celebration, but based on what I have heard thus far from those who were in attendances, it was most definitely some weirdly whacky, wet and wild fun!

According to all reports thus far, the place was already packed to capacity by 7:00 pm and remained packed till closing time. So for those of you asking yourself exactly what this event was all about, the answer is: Lots and lots of beautiful people eating tons of bacon and drinking gallons of beer while gallivanting around looking cool, if not completely in control of themselves.

Instead of nuts, chicken wings, chips & dips or pretzels in baskets, the bar was loaded with a bevy of bacon baskets, filled to the brim with freshly cooked bacon and served up with, well, it doesn`t take a act of genius to figure this one out, ...lots and lots of beer.

As for the menu, for those ordering dinner or snacks, each and every menu item had bacon in it, and by bacon, I mean "a lot" of bacon. Two favorites were the Grilled Cheese and Bacon sandwich as well as the GBLT, which is a BLT with Guacamole, piled high with a mountain of savory, sizzling, sweat and salty deliciousness.

But no event fanatically featuring bacon could possibly be complete without the shining star of "Baconosity," that brilliant bacony supernova known to the world as "The Gut-Buster!" This is a double bacon cheeseburger that consists of "two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches" used as buns on the top and bottom, with the bacon cheeseburger secured in the center of the two sandwiches for some seriously succulent sizzling satisfaction.

People were just standing around with their jaws practically on the floor, dazed and blurry eyed, drooling uncontrollably while "ogling" the sandwich as if it were a popular Hollywood Starlet who had just experienced a "Costume Malfunction!"

Apparently jealous patrons started making defensive comments like "why don`t you take a picture ... it will last longer!" I have to admit, I`m glad that someone took them up on that recommendation, because now I have a photo that I can share with the rest of you "Baconistas!"

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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