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Published:September 4th, 2009 09:18 EST
More And More Jews Are Enjoying Our Gourmet Bacon!

More And More Jews Are Enjoying Our Gourmet Bacon!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Hey there Bacon Freaks,

I`ve got to let you in on some news that might take you just a little by surprised, though probably a lot of you out there already have personally experienced this happening with some of your friends, family members or associates.

It`s a fact. Heck it`s more than a fact, it`s a verifiable TREND! More and more Jews are eating bacon these days and absolutely LOVING it. Some have been eating it for years in secret, but many Jewish Believers are now officially and openly coming out of the "pig pen" and admitting to the world that they love to eat our meat!

Yep, quite clearly, from my observations over the past couple of years in particular, the whole Jewish Kosher Law is under recent review, at least in the minds of many "Modern Jews," also known as "Reformed Jews,` and we are seeing more and more loyal regular Jewish members and customers than we would have ever imagine possible back just a few years ago.

Not just for secretly eating alone, hidden out in the garage mind you. No, these are well known Captains of Industry, Popular Celebrities, renowned, World Class Chefs and Posh Restaurateurs, ordering more and more of our Bacon Freak Gourmet Bacon As Bob (Robert Zimmerman) Dylan once proudly proclaimed all the way back in the mid 1960s, "The Times They Are A Changin`."

It used to just be something you might occasionally notice here and there in the larger cities around the country, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or perhaps Philadelphia. However, now it becoming a wide spread trend that is showing up in the food industry and media markets all throughout the nation, regardless of how large or small the population or ethnic diversity is.

According to many of my Jewish friends whom I`ve spoken to about this phenomenon late, this has nothing to do with some sort of mass revolution or exodus of Jews walking away from their roots. This is being viewed by many Jews today as an opportunity for "re-assessment" of what is written in Torah, (Jewish Law) and its cultural traditions.

Jonah Schulz of Brooklyn NY, who runs says "Deuteronomy may have been right about a few things... But bacon is delicious and pigs are a lot cleaner than you think... Show your support for bacon and its deliciousness."

Johan even goes so far as to help rally the "pro-bacon" Jews and help them to recognize their fellow kindred spirits by making a bunch of very attractive apparel items from hats to shirts and from buttons to aprons, available with the organizations logo over at their "Jew4Bacon" Online Store Page. "

"We`re merely holding our traditions up to the very same light and logic that all other ancient beliefs must be re-inspected by, with so much new information available to us through modern science," explains Sarah Steinberg of Los Angeles, CA. "It`s not at all a matter of Jewish believers loosing faith in their religion, but more of a movement seeking truth amidst tradition."

Jessica Miller from know as "a cultural icon at the forefront of a new wave of Jewish culture and pride" According to The Guardian and "the accoutrement of choice for a new breed of Jewish hipsters" by "The Washington Post" admits "I am about to let you in on a little secret that is shocking, but true. Jewcy people love bacon. So, so much, I`d estimate that a whopping 10% of my own posts have had something to do with bacon."

Marc Schapiro of "" was quoted online as explaining that he views his site as "a lighthearted but earnest homage to his favorite meat."

Marc also has a popular online store (store) where a wide variety of "Bacon Jew" items of apparel can be purchased.

According to Debbie LaCroix in her recent post Why Do Jews Love Bacon? "My friends` moms soon caught on about my love for bacon and would always buy extra, just for me. I don`t like ham, and sausage is OK, but there is something about bacon that I have a hard time believing that it breaks all Kosherat laws."

All I know is that as more and more Investors / Boards Of Directors of popular, posh gourmet eateries are excitedly adding more bacon meals to their menus and more Jewish members and customers are finding it to be "kosher" to pig out on everybody`s favorite pork delicacy, we here at Bacon wish all of our new "Baconistas" a hearty "L`Chaim!"

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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