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Published:September 9th, 2009 18:47 EST
International Bacon Day Truly Goes International

International Bacon Day Truly Goes International

By Rocco Loosbrock

This September 5th was a huge day for bacon Freaks around the entire planet. It`s the one day of the year when all of the fighting and squabbling stop so that we humans can deeply focus on what`s really important: Bacon!

For all of you out there, we here at Bacon Freak with you the most delightfully delicious International Bacon Day. " What makes this event so pig gone " exciting this year is the fact that in the year 2009, this all important day of serious universal Pignificance " will actually be international, as our obsession towards bacon expands all the way across the globe.

For those of who have been out back, behind the barn the past few years, International Bacon Day " is always held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States, which, this year, falls on the 5th of September. Originally celebrated only in small barnyard and backyard gatherings, here and there across the United States, this year there are large events planned for the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Brazil, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and the UK.

Plus, now instead of being tiny little groups scattered here and there, now several major cities are openly embracing and promoting the celebration in some of their largest media periodicals, such as the Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Free Press and The Toronto Life.

While the has been a lot of conspiratorial conjecture and heated disagreements between numerous dedicated Bacaonistas " (a Bacon Freak: One who regularly partakes of bacon with exuberant enthusiasm) regarding who actually started International Bacon day and when, a popular blog, that is actually called International Bacon Day gives it`s official credit for beginning the event to a gentleman listed on the blog simply as Seth, along with the help of his friends  Evan and Brandon and possibly Alexa.

As the story goes, according to Alexa of the International Bacon day blog, Bacon Day is open to everyone. Vegetarians can have fake-con (soy bacon) and religious objectors non-pork bacon (I suggest turkey bacon). Bacon Day is a day of Bacon... throughout the day there are showings of Kevin Bacon movies and any other movies with leading roles given to pigs, e.g. Babe, Piglet`s Big Adventure. "

Alexa continues explaining that It is more a tasting of all things bacon and everyone wants a taste. Due to the vast quantities of bacon cooked, the grill outside is the best bet. If you are invited to a Bacon Day celebration, it is traditional to bring something to eat (of course containing bacon). "

 For those of you intending to put on their own International Bacon Day " celebration, we have selected a wide variety of absolutely AWESOME and most definitely truly delectably delicious gourmet bacons for the event.

Everything that you`ll need for a memorable and happy International Bacon Day " is now available for your ease and convenience and is are as close to you as your very own computer`s mouse and keyboard at out Bacon Freak Online Bacon Shop!

Please have a very safe and reasonably sane Bacon Day celebration. Remember that it`s the one day of the year that you`re actually obligated to pig out " on as much bacon as you can possibly enjoy!

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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