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Published:March 31st, 2010 11:30 EST
A Spring Afternoon

A Spring Afternoon

By Rocco Loosbrock


It seems that all the latest fashion is gourmet cupcakes. Every time I turn around I see a new boutique cupcake shop sprout up, with exotic and familiar flavors varying on a daily basis. With this new trend comes yet another delicious item that costs three dollars a craving, which in the end can run up a hefty bill. Also how many times can you visit any of those little shops, sit underneath the multi-colored umbrellas and not seek a different scene or a new adventure with the same delicious treats.

A few solutions have actually already been presented to the general cupcake loving public to these two problems. One is the surge in cupcake cookbooks with everything from Martha Stewart to simple designs to easy bake. I`ve read a few articles and recommendations on cookbooks, the easiest way to save money on my newest addictive habit is clearly baking them at home. The second answer, the part about a new twist to an old adventure I discovered when reading about a new little cupcake shop in Palm Springs. This new place has decided to pair their trendy gourmet cupcakes with wine, a great little nook for an afternoon getaway.

Now this is an idea I can work with, I might not take a few hours out of my day to visit this new little shop out in the desert. But I might just bake one afternoon and invite some friends over for cupcakes a la moi and pair them wines. I have no idea what cupcakes are going to go well with what wines having never thought about pairing the two items before so what better way to make informed opinions for the future but to use Coastal Vineyards many Samplers! The beauty of the idea is that there are so many different types of wines to choose from and no afternoon ever has to be the same.

For example I could throw one with wines from The Gourmet Food Clubs Wine Club . I provide the wine, call up a few friends letting them know to bring their baked gourmet cupcakes and we can start pairing. With something like Red Wine of the Month Club we could let the wine and cupcake combination be a surprise. But if you want to be more prepared for what the outcome might be maybe try a Cabernet Wine Club sampler and have friends make chocolate cupcakes. Or maybe try the Chardonnay with coconut cupcakes (my personal favorite), or even maybe something like the Pinot Noirs with Red Velvet. Like I said, I have no idea what to pair flavors with but that might be half the fun of this new adventure finding what you like, what tastes amuse you. I sense my afternoons this spring and well into the summer are going to be sweet and relaxing.

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock