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Published:September 12th, 2010 12:30 EST
Survey: McDonald's Hamburgers The Worst!

Survey: McDonald's Hamburgers The Worst!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Consumer Reports Ranks McDonald`s Hamburger America`s Worst.

A new survey of America`s favorite fast-food joints is bound to have Ronald McDonald crying in his milkshake -- with some critics saying that the best part of the hamburgers at the Golden Arches is the toppings.

The nationwide survey of 28,000 of the mag`s online subscribers ranked McDonald`s a lowly 18th out of 18." Read More

Don`t let that shyster Ronald McDonald lure you into the Golden Arches, the best thing about the McDonald`s dining experience might be the coffee and the condiments.

You pay a stiff price for getting your McMeal delivered to you quickly: The hamburger looks like something Ronald McDonald threw up, and the hamburger patty has the consistency of rubber. Some of you might be snacking while you`re reading this article, so I won`t even get into what the hamburgers taste like.

The typical McDonald`s customer may be loving those heartwarming McDonald`s commercials, but he`s gagging on the Big Mac.

McDonald`s may be number one is sales, but they are dead last in customer satisfaction. Burger King, y`all!

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