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Published:September 23rd, 2010 23:34 EST
The Rising Ascendancy To Glory Of The Amazing Gourmet Pancake!

The Rising Ascendancy To Glory Of The Amazing Gourmet Pancake!

By Rocco Loosbrock

The days of thinking of pancakes as a cheap stomach filler when your busy and on the go and don`t have any time for real food is thankfully long gone. The fact is, pancakes are a lot like relationships, the quality, enjoyment, value and satisfaction that you get out of them is precisely proportional to the quality ingredients that you put into the mix.

In other words, my pancakes have always been extremely healthy, delightfully delicious and exceptionally nutritious and good for me. So where did our culture go wrong when it came to our communal consciousness regarding pancakes somehow associated with plastic and plaster?

First of all, the narrow minded limitations subconsciously created deep within the mind were basely and unfair to begin with. Back in the day, when Grandma and great Grandma ruled the kitchen with am iron skillet, " there most certainly was nothing the slightest bit questionable, cheap, tawdry, low quality, mass produced or un-natural about pancakes.

Then the hazy, crazy, lazy days of eating right out of the box, from an assortment pre-formulated, pre-packaged, pre-mixed, pre-prepared " simulated foodstuff items came along and the world nuzzled up to the mechanical feed tube of plastic bottles, cellophane wrapped grub clusters, frozen entrees, canned concoctions, freeze dried meals and fast food joints popping up like untreated zits all along the highway.

Anyway, it took a few decades to break free from group think " delusions about pancakes, but now they are back with a vengeance and are certainly making up for lost time and opportunities to shine.

Pancakes are now suddenly the popular choice as the veritable center piece from which many wonderful gourmet breakfasts, brunches and lunches are built around. Whole grain pancakes, topped with fresh whipped cream, real maple syrup, mixed compote or a vast plethora or various chopped fresh fruit and served along with a tasty fresh vegetable, cheese and bacon omelet, wedged or hash brown potatoes and juice, coffee and / or tea.

From white floured splatters of inexpensive past dropped on to a greasy grill, to now BMOC (Big Meal On Command) It`s suddenly now the popular, cool, WOW culinary attraction that everyone wants a bite of.

For those who don`t have the time or interest to make the entire pancake lay-out from scratch, there are now actually ">Gourmet Pancake Batter Mixes " available online and deliverable directly to your door, that come already prepared for you to simply add in the milk, a couple of eggs, the heat and the love.

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock