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Published:September 23rd, 2006 13:43 EST
Three Infants killed in Hospital

Three Infants killed in Hospital

By Anita Helton

Accidents happen everyday.  From forgetting a meeting, not brushing your teeth, leaving something somewhere to more serious accidents such as car accidents, and in today's headlines murders. A hopsital in Indianapolis, Methodist Hospital, is dealing with an accidental deaths of three infants. 

The infants were prescribed a blood thinner called hep-lock.  When the nurses went to retrieve the medication from the cabinet, they unknowingly grabbed the wrong thing.  A pharmacy technician had apparently filled the cabinet with heparin instead.  Unknowingly the nurse gave these babies a medication that would kill them. 

Many argue that this mix up is impossible as the medicine they were looking for was light blue and what they gave was dark blue.  Also, the two drugs had different cap and label colors, as well as different bar codes and printing.

This administration of the wrong drug occurred last Saturday. A few hours later D'myia Alexander Nelson and Emmery Miller died from an overdose of Heparin. Thursday Dawn Jeffers died on Tuesday.  The suspected cause of death for all three was internal bleeding, however, nothing was done to confirm this.

The hospital has taken strong measures to prevent reoccurrence including requiring two nurses to verify medications for newborns.  They are also working to speed up development of new machines that are in progress.

All five nurses involved and the pharmacy technician are on leave.  They are going through counseling and support, however, they are going to be returning to work.

Arguments are still on going over whether the mix up was understandable or not.  Whether anyone will be punished is yet to be revealed.