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Published:November 16th, 2007 02:00 EST
Cancer Becomes a Friend Instead of an Enemy

Cancer Becomes a Friend Instead of an Enemy

By SOP newswire

Terri Scruggs would be the first to tell you that cancer has been both her friend and enemy. Like many battles fought by Christians, the thing that devastates us the most physically often ends up being the thing that brings us closer to God. And so it was with cancer in Terri's life.

She was no stranger to the disease--she lost her twenty-two year old sister to breast cancer after a four year battle, and since Terri was only eighteen at the time it left a huge scar on her life. So when she discovered she had cancer, fear set it. However, her fear turned her toward her Lord and she began to cry out to him. She came to the realization one day that she'd never really given God all of her life. She told God, "I've spent my life setting silly goals that meant nothing in Your sight. I've been serving myself instead of you."

Her biggest break-through came in totally trusting God with whatever His decision was about her life. With vulvar cancer, if she survived (and she was given only a 5% chance) her femininity would be removed by surgery and she'd have to endure years of plastic surgery. She asked God for a miracle but trusted that if he chose not to heal her that he'd give her the strength to accept the aftermath of the surgery. When the doctors went in to remove the tumor, it had completely disappeared. Even they admitted it was a miracle.

After her miraculous healing God used Terri to bring a message of hope to cancer patients she visited at the hospital. God also led her on a mission trip where she shared her experiences to a group of women in Hungary. After the meeting one woman began talking with her through an interpreter. Terri relates, "As we were talking about the Holy Spirit, the interpreter started laughing. We look at her with puzzled expressions. She told us we were talking to each other without needing her to interpret!"

Terri released her book about these experiences, "Cancer with God." For more information or to scheduled Terri for an interview please contact Abigail Davidson at 360-802-9758 or

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