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Published:June 9th, 2008 10:46 EST
Flip-flops Make You Look Like a Dweeb and They Are Bad For Your Feet

Flip-flops Make You Look Like a Dweeb and They Are Bad For Your Feet

By Robert Paul Reyes

Clint Eastwood`s Dirty Harry character most famous lines are "Go Ahead, make my day", and "Do you feel lucky, well do ya punk?", but my favorite Dirty Harry witticism is "A man has got to know his limitations."

There are some things I can pull off, and others I can`t. I wish I could wear a beret, but instead of making me look jaunty, it makes me look like a jackass. I know my limitations when it comes to fashion, and that`s why you won`t catch me wearing flip flops. Flip-flops should be worn by individuals with pretty feet, and that`s only about 5% of the population. Most of us have feet with corns, yellowed nails and toes that look gangrenous.

At one time people only wore flip-flops when they were at the beach, but now you seem folks sporting them in movies, restaurants and just about every other public place. I do not want to be looking at misshapen feet when I`m dining at a fine dining establishment.

Wearing flip-flops is not only wrong aesthetically speaking, they are also bad for your health:

"Thong-style flip flops are one of the very hottest styles of footwear these days and they are worn by men and women alike. Everyone from toddlers to their great-grandparents wear them with little worry that they may be causing pain from the foot to the hip and even into the lower back.

The pain probably comes from an alteration to a person`s normal walking gait, according to Justin Shroyer, a doctoral student at Auburn University`s College of Education Department of Kinesiology, who is studying biomechanics. He and his team of researchers presented their findings recently in Indianapolis at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Shroyer`s conclusion is that flip flops aren`t meant to be worn as primary footwear and are best relegated to walking along sandy beaches or to provide temporary relief to tired feet after a long day or grueling exercise. The absence of foot and ankle support makes flip flops a poor choice for all-day wear, according to Shroyer, although many college students consider them a mainstay of their wardrobes."

Quotation from MedHeadlines.Com

Bottom line: Unless you are a foot model or are at a beach, leave the dang flip-flops in your closet!