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Published:August 3rd, 2008 20:20 EST
Cheech And Chong Reunite

Cheech And Chong Reunite

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Now that their feud is up in smoke, Cheech and Chong are high on plans to reunite for their first comedy tour in more than 25 years."

Cheech And Chong Quotation from the Associated Press

With this nation going to pot it`s high time that these high priests of comedy engaged in a joint venture.

"I think it`s time for a revival of dope jokes."

Cheech Marin

No kidding, with the ineffectual and inept Bush administration screwing things up left and right, a good dose of dope comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

I`m glad medicinal marijuana is legal in some states, but how about therapeutic marijuana to sooth our nerves? With the nation going to pot a lot of Americans are turning to pot. How else to cope with inflation, recession, a mortgage crisis and a quagmire in Iraq?

Cheech and Chong are in their 60`s, the grass is growing under their feet and their days are numbered. I`m glad they finally settled their differences and reunited for the good of the country.

I can`t wait for them to bring their comedy tour to a comedy joint near my home.