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Published:January 9th, 2009 12:43 EST
President Obama

How Will President Obama Age?

By John Lillpop

That photo of the five U.S. presidents, past and future, together at the White House this week reminded me of two profound truths about America and ourchief executives:

President Obama 1. When it comes to presidents, crime does indeed pay, and

2. Mother Nature is most unkind when it comes to the aging of presidents.

In particular, the two former Democrat presidents,Jimmy Carter andBill Clinton, seem to have grown the most wrinkles, gray hair, and bloat during their turns in the White House.

Unrepentant socialism does that to people, to say nothing of non-sex sex with an intern in that little hide away off the Oval Office!

On the Republican side, Bush 41 and 43 look more like brothers than the father-son tandem that brought America two wars in Iraq, one inAfghanistan, theSavings and Loan Crisis, two recessions, the worsteconomic downturn since thegreat Depression, open borders, millions of undocumented illegal alien peasants, and annual trillion dollar deficits that will outlive both.

Then we have the face of the future, Barack Hussein Obama who looks too young to be president, a fact that can neither be confirmed nor denied with any certainty because the rascal has thus far refused to turn over his birth certificate and has managed to get away with it!

The looming question on the lips of botox professionals everywhere is: How will Barack Obama age while in office?

What price will the rigors and demands of power exact from Obama`s youthful good looks?

As of right now, Obama might be "carded" by overly cautious bartenders (conservatives) were he to slip out of the White House for a small libation between really dull meetings.

But how will Obama look four years from now? My guess is that he will be refused alcohol because he will look too old to drink!



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