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Published:February 5th, 2009 13:03 EST
Guys: Sign Up For Online PMS Alert

Guys: Sign Up For Online PMS Alert

By Robert Paul Reyes

"ONE hundred thousand men sick of copping a monthly serve from cranky partners have signed up for an online pre-menstrual syndrome alert., the brainchild of a 28-year-old bloke whose mates were too often in cycle-related strife, is designed for men who have a darling of a partner for three weeks of the month - and a demon for the rest.

The reminders include pithy messages of encouragement such as `She`s on yellow - tread carefully, fella` - as well as tips for how men can mitigate the damage."
News Australia

I`m a wee bit surprised that hard-drinking rough and tumble Aussie men would be afraid of ticking off their PMS-afflicted significant other. But I guess that deep inside, all men are wimps when it comes to offending the "weaker" sex.

PMSBuddy.Com may be politically-incorrect, but it`s a marvelous idea. Guys are basically clueless, and we miss obvious hints that our Honey Buns is suffering from PMS. We witness our lovely wife put a butcher knife in her Prada purse, and we think she`s just absent-minded.

I particularly like the tips on how to mitigate the damage. If you upset your wife when she`s a PMS-afflicted demon, offering to take her to the pub ain`t gonna cut it.

All you blokes down under and elsewhere who have a dear sweet spouse who turns into a monster at that time of the month should visit PMSBuddy.Com. Simply enter the date and length of your lady`s last menstrual cycle.

Guys sign up now, show the woman in your life that you don`t just use the Internet to watch p*rn.

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