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Published:August 15th, 2009 09:47 EST
Enjoying Senses Fully

Enjoying Senses Fully

By Devinder Sharma

It is easy and facile to say that we know all there is to using our conscious mind. As long as we are unable to control response expressions of our mind we are using only a fraction of its potential. What I am mean by response expressions, is our readiness to respond to sense stimuli without trying to know the totality of the stimuli and end up responding inaccurately or incompletely or both.

Most of our responses to the common and usual stimuli in our life are programmed responses which were formed from the time they became standard, i.e. dominant stimuli and others around it that impacted us many times during our learning and knowing the world and their responses have over repeated use become programmed. They have become instinctive and now neither the stimuli nor our response to it generates happiness, joy or pleasure within us.

If we can still the mind and experience the stimuli totally i.e. origin, cause, reason, intent and setting we can get better results and far more out of our conscious mind. This can happen by being attentive and alert. Thus, to know our world we need to understand signals and messages that come to us from the world in the form of stimuli which require high degree of alertness and awareness. This not only makes for real pleasure but the creation of joy within. Pranayama exercises when done correctly facilitates stilling the mind, increasing our awareness and sensitivity in addition to high levels of energy and this improves our life all round from conversations to eating to sex to spiritual experiments. 

Within a few months of pranayama exercises an aspirant develops high degree of alertness and openness to experience stimuli fully and then respond. It heightens our senses and creates within a large capacity to love and give. Exercises in meditation like visualization, concentration, certain hatha yoga postures etc. also instill attentiveness and alertness but breathing exercises embodied in pranayama are more powerful and lasting.

One can become fully productive and enjoy the highest that the senses can bear by using one`s will alone, which is not simple however Pranayama exercises facilitate control over the will. Regular exercises and meditation brings conscious control over the will by which you move into position where you can work with your conscious mind at peak which is not difficult but takes effort.