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Published:June 17th, 2007 11:36 EST
My Way Of Reaching Out

My Way Of Reaching Out

By Carolee Kaufold

I am a very touchy feeling kind of person. I hug, I rub and I kiss a lot. I think a soft touch, and kind word and a smile can carry the day. My parents were not very affectionate, so I vowed I would be different. My sons were always getting kissed and hugged. My husband, while shy in public, is very affectionate in private. It is just "me" to be encouraging and loving.

My sons have all moved out, husband works, and I have no one to hug. I have a lot of time on my hands, and spend a lot of it corresponding with a group of extremely wonderful people. I have only met a handful in person. But a lot of my On Line Friends have touched me in a deep, loving way. So I decided to send them more than my stories; I send them hugs. Real ones that can be wrapped around them on cold nights, bad days and at happy times. I send them crocheted blankets. I have just finished my sixth one. At first, I did it for my sons and their new homes. I got so much pleasure out of sending my little box to them. I do one a week. When I started to crochet, I found it was helpful to my diet, I reached for water and not for chocolate.

I get so much enjoyment sitting in my "happy chair", thinking about who is getting this week’s blanket. The blanket has its share of mistakes, but I leave them in... as a reminder that we all make mistakes. We take the mistakes and move on. Seldom do we make that mistake again. I have only one pattern. That will be my signature pattern. I have asked each one to send me a picture of themselves and my blanket.

I figure there are quite a few out there that have reached through the monitor and filled me with joy. For each one, I have deiced to send my kind of love to them in the form of a blanket. So maybe one day you will get a note from me asking you to tell me one or two of your favorite colors and your address. I listen to you when you write me, I hear you when you are having a terrible day, and I rejoice with you when your life is good.

The point of this story is there are many ways to reach out and touch people that are kind, caring and giving. You can find a way to say "Thanks, for the kindness you have shown me." It doesn't have to be making a blanket. It can be a note, a craft, some cookies or home made soup. The pleasure you get out of giving something you have done is awesome. While the gift brings happiness to the friend, you get the real gift. The one of sharing a talent, that is only from you. I know you all have hectic lives, and any down time is welcome. But a call to a sick friend, or bringing milk home to a neighbor, or taking the mail in for a vacationing friend doesn't take too much time. Never wait to be asked, just go up to them and say, "I have a wonderful idea, I can ............ for you." How can anyone say no to kindness?

One more thing: this week, there was a study that said spending too much time on the Internet is not healthy. You remove yourself from "real life." While generally that may be true, we all have family and friends that we interface with. But the people I have been lucky enough to encounter on AOL have only enriched my life. I have told some of you more that anyone really needs to know about an unseen face. But in return of opening up my heart, I have been truly touched with good advice, kind word sand other points of view. I have been made aware of such kindness and understanding that I am in awe. My goal is to have each and every one of you in my home, and so far I have met over a dozen people.