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Published:September 20th, 2005 10:56 EST
A Huge Slim Hen

A Huge Slim Hen

By Ann Poludenko

A huge slim hen! This is what the scientists of Dublin’s university college say about what the dinosaurs looked like. Most of them were covered with plumages. Scientists came to this conclusion after the excavations in China. There is a volcano that was very active and its lava was very fast and all-absorbing, so that it captured several dinosaurs that hesitated just a little. Due to the specific chemical structure of lava, it kept the bodies of animals somewhat embalmed– they stayed unchanged by time. It could be seen even without thorough studies that the tyrannosaur and two flying pangolins had plumages. 


The paleontologists say that the way dinosaurs were depicted can’t be considered as scientifically accurate. Today it’s easier to prove that pangolins looked similar to birds. For example, the tyrannosaur could  probably remind us of a huge chicken.