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Published:February 13th, 2006 13:56 EST
A Perspective from India about Language

A Perspective from India about Language

By Rasha Lamba

Editor Matthew Kent notes: This piece has been heavily edited for clarity.

Thinking again and again and again makes better decisions over time. I always feel proud as an upcoming student of developing India. It is very painful for me and many of us, besides our age old tradition of respect, sacrifice and boundness in our education system, lacks a hundred percent these days.

In India to be recognized as a good student, you should be very loud and smart, you should speak and use the English language in every aspect of your life. Even if you are speaking with a Pandit, a person who performs religious rituals in hindu festival, for any festival issues, this rule should apply.

Speaking English makes you more educated and smart. Even if the person speaking doesn't know the variability of education. The worst is if you prefer Hindi as your prime language and even if you have most of the knowledge anybody could get, you will be recognized as unsmart, uncultured and unsocial in our new modern societies.

My point of view is when a child joins a school, the school becomes an exploring ground for them.

Why not try to give them the positive and honest knowledge of every culture, tradition, technique and language of the world. Language is also a mode of communication.

So again, just changing a point of view about the basic idea makes a lot of difference and I am sure is already accepted by many of students around India.

Lastly,I want to say that this view of mine is for every student around the world speaking different languages.