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Published:April 15th, 2007 10:35 EST
A Chat with a German Lady

A Chat with a German Lady

By Subash Lamichhane

I was 18 when I"got my passport and"was finally allowed to travel to another country. I had read about the beautiful Himalayas and I had always wondered about life there." Their culture always fascinated me. I was very interested to go near the top peaks of the world and, when I held up my head, I would find huge mountains standing before me. It was such a beautiful dream of mine. Mount"Everest, Amadablam, and Fish Tale Mountains had already"carried my heart away millions of miles to an"unknown land. But living in imagination"only was unsatisfying." My will"to be near these mountains was growing more as days were passing.

It was beautiful Lufthansa which could finally make me travel up to Bangkok. Then, I had to take"another plane-- a white NA plane with blue and red colored back wings. I was dreaming already; and, as the plane pierced the clouds and I was moving near, my heart was leaping with the excitement that I will be near to my dreamland of imagination. "Oh my God!" my heart shouted when, for the first time, I saw the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas shining so brightly with the first morning rays. Maybe they were welcoming me to the near land and I felt as if they also had been waiting for me. A more perfect welcome than I could have ever imagined.

Shhhhh... As I was pushed back, I felt I was finally grounded and here comes the dreamland which"of which I had always dreamed about. What a glorious day it was. Everything around me was looking so good and seeing the giant hills so green, I couldn`t believe my eyes. After all of the slow service at the airport, I was finally able to get out of there and pay a taxi to take me to the hotel where I had a reservation. There were several hotels. Some were cheap, some were expensive and world class but I choose to stay in the less expensive one as well as a more traditional one.

Nepal was on my mind from my childhood days. As I used to turn the pages of my geography book, I used to be concerned about this country. I knew it was rich in culture. I knew it was a"naturally blessed"piece of heaven on earth. I knew it was my destination. Now I cannot believe that I have traveled"million of miles to be here and that I am finally here. Thamel was quite of a western type. Until midnight the rock and roll was going on and the roads were crowded with tourists. Some songs are mellow English melodies were playing while others were playing Folk songs of Nepal and Tibet.

The next day we were headed for the Annapurna Trekking area. First we visited the next big and most beautiful city of Nepal called Pokhara. It was such a blessed land with many lakes, green hills from where sunset and sunrise could be viewed so perfectly. I never knew the joy of the morning sun touching my face-- it was magnificent to view the Sunrise from the Hill called Sarankot. After a days stay in Pokhara we finally reached Jomsom, the Himalayan part of Nepal. It was such a beautiful place. The winds blew bringing the fragrance of the red apples into the air. The people there began to look like red apples, as if they had some reflection of it on their cheeks. They smiled every time they saw tourists. They had different views towards foreigners and loved us all so much. We walked toward Muktinath Temple, a Holy place for Hindus and Buddhist, where it was believed that if you bathe there once in your lifetime, you would be free from pain and disease. It sounded interesting to me so I"bathed; however, as soon as I reached near the taps, I was so amazed. I thought the water"would be as cold as ice because it came directly from the bottom of the mountains; but, the water was hot and it was a great"pleasure bathing there. I then guessed there must be some secret behind it.

With another crew, I crossed many small mountains and finally reached near Annapurna. If God"were to stand in front of this mountain, even He"would wonder for some minutes if this was His creation. I lost my heart as I got the glance of this mountain. It was perfectly beautiful that no words can ever describe. The Tilicho Lake was also the most amazing scene that I have ever viewed in my life. Finally, Annapurna trekking was completed but my heart wasn`t willing to move away from such a beautiful place. But I could console myself knowing"that with every click of my camera, I"captured this"beauty forever.

The German Lady was smiling and her face was glowing when I looked at it. It made me so proud of my country, Nepal. I asked her how many more days before she returned back to Germany. She said, "After finishing my Trekking I will came back to Kathmandu and I will have to return back home, but I have a dream again to come back to Nepal soon. As I flew high I missed Nepal so much. These clouds were blocking me to see your beautiful country but even from behind the clouds I didn`t fail to wave my goodbyes and give my kisses to your beautiful country."

Now I am thirty years old"and again I am back here. It is my tenth visit to Nepal. My love for your country never dies. See at this place, you must be proud that you have great history, you have perfect beauty but Nepal is lacking a good economy. I was so amazed to hear the story from the German lady who had so much love towards Nepal and this chat with her made me feel so proud of my country. I was blessed to hear her story about her first trip and how she felt about Nepal. My heart was filled with joy and love for my country. It was a wonderful and great chat with the German Lady who awaked me and made me feel what Nepal was like through her eyes.

Before we said goodbye, I asked her whether she will come back to Nepal again."She replied, "I had a spider bite on my leg when I was visiting Jumla and I still have the sign of this wound on my left leg." Whenever I see the sign, I shall remember Nepal and try to come again. If it lasts for"a lifetime then I shall be here always." What a blessing I have to remind me of your beautiful country."

She smiled and she waved her goodbyes to me, I smiled, too, and with my heart filled with joy and happiness, I waved my hand to her.