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Published:May 21st, 2007 08:32 EST
Turkish Situation is Misunderstood by the West

Turkish Situation is Misunderstood by the West

By SOP newswire

Millions of Turks are demonstrating in Turkey, because they see that Turkey faces a serious risk of loosing her secularism. Turks follow what is going on in their own country, through the Turkish media, which openly reports about many incidents and movements in this direction, with evidence. The concern and anxiety about this problem is very real and not over estimated. 

The presently ruling AKP, the so-called religious party, came to power with about 30% of the votes of the entire nation. Simply because the other parties could not unite and offer a coalition in the Parliament, AKP formed the Government single-handed. This was a fallacy of the existing laws pertaining to the elections. . Had the laws concerning elections and forming of the government been more precise and considerate, AKP could not get the right to build a government and run the country single-handed.

Turkish people are reacting against this fallacy, which happened four years ago, but with a big delay unfortunately. And so is the Turkish army. Turkish Army`s warning is appreciated by many Turks and seen as the only way out of the present situation. In a recent poll in a major daily, Hurriyet, 70% of the people voted that Army`s warning was justifiable and should not wake a negative reaction in the EU circles, which seems important for many Turks, but not for many others, as anti feelings against  EU is growing in Turkey.  EU, by requiring many of the freedoms to be passed from the national parliaments to the central EU parliament, is becoming less and less popular in Turkey, as the polls show. Its currency Euro, which is now strong, only because of the dollar`s present weakness, is not popular in many members of the European Union. Sweden, U.K. and Italy are three examples. In some countries, referendum was made before accepting the Euro, but not in all, example Spain. Even Germans complain about loosing their DM.

On the other hand, Turkish Army has only warned those who prefer to see a change in Turkey`s secularism. If no one tries to change it with a religious government, there is no possibility that the Turkish Army would intervene. However, if any party would dare to abolish secularism in Turkey, it is expected by the Turkish people that the Turkish Army should intervene, as abolishing secularism would be against the democracy, human rights and Turkey`s Constitution.  Turkish media and people are very astonished to hear that the EU  and   U.S.A. raise their voices against the Turkish Army`s warning, for two reasons:

One, this is a complete misunderstanding of the Turkish facts, two, if west believes in democracy, it should concern itself with its own problems and let other peoples solve their own problems. The west has the obligation to judge itself when it comes to supporting an illegal and unethical war and check its environmental controls responsible for the dreadful climate change of the earth, as well as increasing crime, narcotics use and many other social problems.

Parallel opinions to these can be read everyday at the web sites of Turkish daily press, many running excerpts in English. Try (entirely in English), (entirely in English) and in thousands of internet forums.