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Published:October 7th, 2007 04:02 EST
Kapilvastu Is Still Burning

Kapilvastu Is Still Burning

By Subash Lamichhane

“I was raped while my husband was burned alive,” with tears in her eyes, one victim of atrocities that happened in Kapilvastu recounts her story of torture, “I don’t know if my family is still alive or not. My house was burned down and I have nothing left except these ashes and my burning heart.”

This is among the greatest acts of violence ever to happen in the history of this place. After some unknown groups killed Mohit Khan, the angry mob started to kill people, loot stores and torch everything on their way.

“My house has turned to ash and I don’t know where my children are,” mourned the sad victim, “I could only save one of my youngest sons. Though I have found the body of my husband, I am so much worried about my children.  I am not sure if they have been turned into ashes, too. This is too hard to explain. I never saw a human turned into a monster and insane like this before. They are the walking Satan that still haunts our hearts.”

Mohit Khan was a Muslim who was shot dead by unknown group; then, after this violence started, some people tried to convert this violence towards making it a religious one killing Hindus and torching down their belongings and some insane cowards converted the violence to chase away the hilly people from Terai. This is a great misery that ever happened in the history of our country. Even the 10-year Maoist civil war wasn’t that scary, but this atrocity that happened in Kapilvastu has cost more than 30 lives and destroyed millions of property within a week. Still, curfew is implemented in this region so as to stop the angry mob which has been hungry for blood in the name of religion and race.

There are hundreds of people who have fled their villages leaving all of their belongings. They have no food, no water and no shelter. Moreover, they have fear and they are greatly concerned about their relatives who are still out of touch with them. Some people believe that it was a pre-planned activity meant to destroy the relations between hilly people living there and the people from Terai part.

Nepal is in critical condition and there are many groups which want to take advantages of the situation. The criminal gangs of India have entered Nepal and many people believe these criminals want to destroy our sense of brotherhood and religious tolerance.

Moreover, the weakness of government and the home ministry is also greatly responsible. If our laws are strong enough, and if they were enforced, then the criminals would not dare disturb our peace and tolerance which have lived for hundreds of years.

When an incident like this happens, government forms a committee to investigate. When the investigation is over and report comes out, it is a headache for government to punish the guilty. Such carelessness of our government will encourage similar criminal gangs to cause much disturbance to our way of life, the morals we stand for and our freedom.

All we Nepalese should be united no matter what ethnic group we are, no matter where we live and no matter what our religion. We should not allow our place to be a safe haven for criminals-- whether inside or outside the boarder.