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Published:November 8th, 2007 15:04 EST
Complete Coverage of Fine Art Exhibition in Africa, Live with Zoneziwoh Regina Mbondgulo

Complete Coverage of Fine Art Exhibition in Africa, Live with Zoneziwoh Regina Mbondgulo

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

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Nothing can be said about Cameroon, west of Mungo, without the mention of its diverse cultural heritage contained within about 285 ethnic groups distributed in ten provinces. Among the ten provinces, northwest alone has 120 ethnicities.

In a recent informal interview with some people from the northwest province regarding what is so annoying about their customs, Ngwana Mary testifies that she got married to her husband, John, who is now of blessed memory. Few years later, things never worked out the way she wanted. Then she demanded for a break up (traditionally), but her husband denied. So, she quit her matrimony and was leaving by herself. Yet, that wasn’t the solution because, traditionally, she was still regarded as somebody’s wife, and it was a taboo in case she gets married again.

Normally, according to custom, if you’ve not had a child with your husband and both agree to part, the lady’s family would pay back all that was given to her families in order to divorce her husband.

Alternatively, your kids will be named after your former husband. And this was the case with her because his husband and family refused to take back their money and gifts. Instead, they did not want her to put to birth with any other man, so that the kid(s) will be name after John. That was wicked. She suffers with this grief and could not get married because no man will want to name hisher kids after somebody he does not know.

Meanwhile, according to Sylvie from a tribe called Bafuwum, the case is different. But it has its own bad sides.  For example, your husband’s nephew (son of your first sister only; that is to say, the first girl in the family) will inherit his wealth when he dies; likewise, when the nephew dies, his nephew, too, inherits-- so the trend, regardless whether or not your kids are capable of managing their father’s wealth. And, statistics have shown that most of these nephews do not contribute to the upbringing of their uncle’s children (cousins).  No matter, it is not far from the truth that the to-be successors sometimes Read more


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