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Published:December 1st, 2007 18:08 EST
Of Rape Victims, Teddy Bears and the Virgin Birth

Of Rape Victims, Teddy Bears and the Virgin Birth

By John Lillpop


Say what you like about Islamofascists, one thing is quite clear: these seventh century tyrants are consistently outrageous, and dangerously so.

Consider the recent mayhem from Saudi Arabia, America`s Middle East "ally" and personal favorite of all American presidents, past and present, named Bush.

An unidentified woman in that pathetic kingdom was sentenced to prison and 200 lashes for an unforgivable violation of Sharia moral  law. *

Her offense? She was gang-raped by seven men who kidnapped her at knifepoint.

Of course, she was to blame for the assault because she wore sexy clothing, used provocative body language and had the audacity to be alone in an automobile with a male to whom she was not related.

Even feminist extremist, Gloria Aldright, would be hard-pressed to defend a woman with such indecent behavior in her dossier.

Still, one cannot help but wonder why the Saudi government has not seen fit to apply an ax to the neck of the offending rape victim for her indiscretions?

Perhaps King Abdullah is growing soft in his old age and now considers a jail term and 200 lashes a more appropriate punishment for anyone reckless enough to be the victim of gang rape.

Or, maybe Dubya exerted his influence and advised the King to give the scalawag tart a break. Bend a little-- think compassionate conservatism.

Knowing Dubya, he probably cautioned the King against any garish abuse of power that would alienate women voters and keep them from driving to the polls.

The fact that Saudi women are not allowed to vote or drive must have escaped Dubya`s legacy-obsessed mind.

Not to be outdone by an impotent old King from Saudi Arabia, thousands of Sudanese, many armed with knives and clubs, marched in Khartoum to demand the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam.

Gillian Gibbons is the British teacher who earned the wrath of Sudanese Muslims for an act so unseemly, one hesitates to even discuss it in a family venue.

Her offense? Gillian Gibbons deliberately, and with malice, allowed students in her class to name a Teddy Bear "Muhammad." **

Of all the bloody cheek!

How dare this twisted Brit demean Allah, the prophet, and the "Religion of Peace" with such disgusting behavior?

Of course, Gibbons deserves the ax for her sacrilegious impropriety.

In fact, because of the gravity of her sin, Gibbons should be sentenced to extraordinarily cruel and unusual punishment, which is NOT lethal injection in Islam.

A just punishment in Islam is: Gibbons should be gang-raped in Saudi Arabia, after which she should be returned to Sudan and beheaded!

Now, that would be the most logical rendering of Sharia law.

All of which should cause Christians to rejoice in the fact that Sharia law was not in place in Bethlehem more than 2,000 years ago.

How do you suppose Islamofascists would have reacted to an unmarried virgin named Mary giving birth to a Jewish child come to save the world?

* Here: