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Published:December 3rd, 2007 05:50 EST
Woman vs Flat Tire

Woman vs Flat Tire

By Kathryn Were Omwandho

It`s sad to note that, in Kenya, it takes a week to arrest a man accused of assault. The process of actually getting the guy arrested is tiring and frustrating and, to be honest, leaves you wondering why on earth you`re doing it.

Kenya is more a "fix nation` than a "prevent it` one. It takes a  woman to be set ablaze by her partner for anyone to get their hands dirty; otherwise, when it`s just a simple choking act or a couple of bruises here and there, everyone puts on their ear plugs and go on with their day, pretending to be busy.

One thing we don`t realize, as a society, is the very same man who slaps a woman is the very same who will set her ablaze. Instead of fixing the problem before it occurs, we let the man go with a slap on the wrist and pray to the heavenly Father that he doesn`t do it again.

What`s shocking is that we are willing to stop traffic and flag down a driver with a flat tire, but when a woman cries that she`s been slapped around or assaulted, it`s not such a big deal.

It`s funny to know that the women of this society are not worth more than a flat tire or broken tail light.

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