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Published:June 29th, 2009 09:38 EST
The Lovely Alina Smith

Chase Von Sharing "Dream Reacher" Alina's MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute and Video

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

~Alina Smith~


When someone sent me an email about Michael Jackson`s passing this afternoon, I thought it was a stupid joke. MJ couldn`t die, I thought. And so strong was my conviction that the illustrious Michael Jackson was beyond something as commonplace as death, that I didn`t believe it even when I saw it plastered on the front page of Yahoo!


Now that it is finally starting to sink in, I feel strange and empty, like I have suffered a great personal loss. Sure, the Sony/BMG people can talk about his contribution to the culture and artistry and magnetism, but somehow those words bear no correlation to what Mr. Jackson meant to me. And he meant a great deal.


A lot of artists list MJ as one of their main influences and there is no denying that his work has had a huge impact on what we know as the today`s popular music. But to me he was always more than just a musical idol. It seems as though he has had a hand in two of my most important life decisions so far. One was choosing to become a musician, despite my mother`s attempts to get me into business school. The other was getting married.


As a teenager I ran a website about my music which had had a whole page dedicated to my raves about Michael Jackson. My husband Brad saw the site and was seized with a sudden desire to give the gem of his celebrity signature collection a sheet music book of MJ`s songs, signed by him  as a gift to me. We met up and a year later I was moving to the US and getting married to Brad.


It feels so strange to think that he`s gone now " and it hurts quite a lot knowing that he will never be able to hear me sing " I had always cherished a hope for that.


Anyway, here is a video of me singing a shortened version of MJ`s You`re Not Alone. I hope you enjoy it; if you do, please take a few moments to forward it to those of your friends who care about Michael.


-From Chase Von-


For more about Alina and her reflections on the influence Michael Jackson had on her life and career, as well as others positive thoughts concerning him from other artists, do check out my latest book (co-author Betty Dravis) Dream Reachers.



One of Alina`s websites:


In closing: My friend Alina agreed I could share her tribute with the Student Operated Press community and I want to publicly thank her for that.


When I saw the video she made, I was truly moved by her voice, her sincerity and the drawings she shared that were obviously not drawn yesterday.


I myself, was born in Japan, and remember lip synching the song Ben  when I lived in England.  Alina was fascinated by Michael Jackson and she is originally from Russia.  Michael`s appeal and otherworldly talent transcended racial barriers, age barriers and indeed captured the attention and admiration of people throughout the entire globe. So for those who are in mourning at the passing of a super-talent the world has never seen before, nor do I believe, will ever see again, we both want to say, just as the song says:


You are not alone...




Chase Von


In case video below doesn`t work, the direct link to You Tube: