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Published:November 11th, 2005 10:35 EST
The Wrong Brother  (Judyth Piazza trains for her record breaking flight )

The Wrong Brother (Judyth Piazza trains for her record breaking flight )

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Back in the early eighties the Wrong Brothers set an over water record flight in Hawaii. They were sponsored by the Honolulu Advertiser and Good Morning America. They flew it in their newly designed plane called the Right Flyer. " This is a short clip of the flight from the video.

Back in the late 70`s and early 80`s my brother and I started a company called Wrong Brothers Aviation. " We were responsible for boosting the ultralight craze with incredible media coverage and promotions. Newspaper, television, and magazines jumped at the chance to do a story on our antics. They thrived on the name, Wrong Brothers " and came up with headlines like, Two Wrongs make a Right. " or Wrong Brothers with the Right Flyer. " It was a natural!

The Today Show

Our first major accomplishment happened when we filmed for the "Today Show". This propelled us to new heights, far beyond anything we could have imagined. After being on the "Today Show" for four minutes, our phone didn`t stop ringing for weeks. People from all over the world wanted to talk to us about our ultralights. So, with all the overwhelming interest, we designed the most advanced ultralight at the time called the Right Flyer. "

Hawaii Flight

Quote from the Honolulu Advertiser: "The best promotion we have ever bought"

We went on to set a World Record " over water flight in ultralights for the "Honolulu Advertiser" and "Good Morning America." Bob Krauss the Human Interest Writer for the paper traveled with us for a week. We had front page headlines everyday, plus local television. After getting back to New York we set up a ultralight in the "Good Morning America" Studio. Our promotions and publicity were Second to none. "

"The Book"

Since the word Normal, " wasn`t in our dictionary, every adventure ended up with an unusual twist and made a great story. So, we decided to write a book about our highflying experiences. I wrote the main manuscript with interjected Tim`s Notes: " (my brother) added just at the right time. His honesty, feelings, and humor really jump out at the reader. This is not a boring narrated story that will put the reader to sleep. We transported ourselves back in time and re-lived the experiences writing from the heart.

"The Adventures Continue"

We are planning to fly a couple ultralight aircraft this summer from Hollywood Florida to Hollywood California in search of the right movie studio. While barnstorming across the country, we will give rides; interviews (lots and lots of interviews) and have lots of fun(lots and lots of fun). Our main goal; to find a Movie Studio to produce our movie. So with the manuscript tucked safely on one of the ultralights, we are going to take off on our adventure.

Watch Out !!!

With all the publicity, Hollywood will follow our adventure and will welcome us with open arms, or maybe hide, but whatever the case they will know we`re coming. So, with" (and help of other sponsors) we will take off in our tiny ultralight aircraft and write the End chapter " to our book.

Wait just a second it gets better !!!

Tim (my brother) is a professional video producer. He is going to make a documentary of the adventure. From all our planned and not so planned stops, to air-to-air communications. If you read the manuscript, you wouldalready know that the trip we propose will probably have enough excitement to make a movie in itself. Throw the book into the fire, add a documentary and yes, you`re right, it`s a winner!

Listen up !

We are already planning a massive media campaign, leaving nothing to chance.

Our Press Agent:

Jim Leggett, Director of the International Press Service, who worked closely with us during our fabulous 80`s adventures, will again be handling our Press Relations.

Quote from publisher:

March 17, 2004

Dear Wes,

It was great talking to you a few minutes ago. As I said, your story could become a classic human-adventure story. It needs editing and work, but really shows the time and effort and heart you put into it. The story is powerful...gripping... humorous

The attraction of a human-interest, adventure story involving two brothers doing wild, gutsy things most people could only dream of, with enough of a sense of humor to call themselves the Wrong Brothers, is a winner. People love heart-warming brother " stories, be they blood brothers or brothers in arms, or band of brothers.

I believe we should get the manuscript straight into the hands of the film industry. The entertainment industry is desperate for good material to feed the entertainment machine " that gobbles it up. You only have to look at the poor quality of stuff coming out to see how short of good material they are. They love to have first look " at material, especially books not yet published, and have the power to write a check then and there to acquire pre-publication film rights. They pay top dollar, lock it up and know they`re sitting on a great story.

All The Best,


Quotes from published authors:

Dear Wes,

Thank you for the picture and the great chapter. You both write very well, exciting and funny.
Crawling around commando style . . . . :) What a visual. :)
You write so well, with exuberance and joy, adventure and fun.
Your book has every chance to be a bestseller.
I can tell you worked very hard. It shows. You have talent as a writer, and it is evident in your manuscript.
You were born to add "writer" to your list of achievements.
Carol (Best selling author)

Good morning!

I received both your emails eventually "it seems like the internet has really been slowed down by all these viruses. Thanks for sending it again, though!

Wow! What an amazing trip! I also want to let you know that I think Tim`s notes work really, really well. The readers will get it and appreciate it. The way you cut back and forth adds to the suspense, and the two points of view add to the depth of story.


Want more !

We will be happy to supply you with newspaper clips, videos, or any other information you might need. I can send you pictures and some clippings by e-mail. If you want the videos I will send them by regular mail.

Contact: Wesley Friesen Wrong Brothers Aviation Vero Beach, Florida