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Published:November 22nd, 2005 03:53 EST

Createaway's CEO Mike Rabbitts Discusses Plans for the Future

By Mike Rabbitts

Digital Broadcasting

What is it....and why use it.  Join Createaway president Mike Rabbitts for a discussion on digital broadcasting and how its use can accelerate your speaking and coaching career.

Elevate Your Opportunity

Doing more to promote yourself will lead to more opportunity for your speaking and coaching business.  Are you aiming high or flying below radar.


Mike Rabbitts is the President and Co-Founder of Createaway.

He is a solutions wizard. Mike believes that the use of technology is vital to growing your business. The use of technology will increase accessibility to you, your content, and your resources which will increase business notoriety and provide more opportunity for your business.

Technology allows you to work smarter, respond faster, appear larger, and most importantly, be several places at once. The mobile consumer has paved the way for a mobile provider and what better way to conduct business than being able to do it where you are today, right now!

As a provider of new technology solutions and services for the past three decades, Mike Rabbitts understands the need for bundling technology, service, and support to create an easy-to-use, complete solution for his clients. His approach enables his clients to take full advantage of emerging technologies without investing large amounts of money into the development, staff, training, and implementation that traditionally accompanies such ventures. By providing a complete solution, Mike enables his clients to maintain focus on their core duties while utilizing technology to aid them in meeting their growth objectives.

Since 1988, Mike has been providing solutions and technology to the legal industry, where he assisted law firms in managing their information and documents through the discovery process, witness and deposition preparation, and digital case presentation for trial. His expertise is in developing and delivering technology solutions that enhance the overall work product of his clients. Mike works with companies to provide education and implementation strategies utilizing innovative methods of managing and disseminating information.

Mike has brought this focus and technology management to the Speaking and Coaching industry to provide a complete solution for producing, branding, promoting, and broadcasting knowledge on-demand, and assists his clients in reaching a larger audience through digital broadcasting. His simple approach to digital media broadcasting has proven to be a cost effective means for promoting and distributing the expertise of his clients, resulting in a greater web presence, increased notoriety, and better use of technology trends. Mike helps his clients accelerate their growth potential by positioning them as a leader in the new digital media shift and providing a virtual “rapport building” opportunity.

Mike has enjoyed a fifteen year marriage to his wife Wendy. They have two wonderful children, son Grant and daughter Kylee and currently reside in Johnson City, Tennessee