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Published:February 5th, 2008 06:17 EST
Judyth Piazza Proves to Be a Powerful Force Worldwide

Judyth Piazza Proves to Be a Powerful Force Worldwide

By SOP newswire

If "journalism is the first rough draft of history" then attention needs to be given to the history making efforts of The Student Operated Press. In fact, Founder and CEO, of The Student Operated Press, Judyth Piazza may need to rename her "Ten Year Plan" to the "Five Year Plan" as the site`s statistics are growing incrementally. The site averages approximately 300,000-page views per month. The SOP is a news sources containing informative articles covering a wide range of topics such as, Entertainment, Art & Literature, Travel, National and World news. Google News picks up its articles on a regular basis within 5 minutes of publishing as well as all major search engines within 1 to 24 hours and ranks the SOP with a page ranking of 6.

Piazza, who is also the Content Manager and Editor of Newsblaze, says, "I believe that the SOP will be in the top 100 most visited news sources on the web within the next three years. It is also my goal to help place 20,000 students in media related jobs throughout the world whether it is broadcast or print within the next 10 years."

The SOP was recently awarded a grant from the University of Central Florida. The SOP will act as a liaison between UCF students and "worldwide dissemination of information." UCF students involved in radio, television, journalism and communications will be able to develop projects under the supervision and guidance of UCF, the WGKN, the Student Operated Press and Newsblaze Broadcast Network.
This online news organization is truly one-of-a-kind. The SOP has a worldwide writing task force with 300 writers from 27 countries. All SOP writers are passionate student interns and receive the priceless opportunity of having their work published regardless of previous experience. Piazza established the SOP as a resource for budding journalists to use as a tool to sharpen their skills and hone their craft. Students also have the opportunity to receive scholarships and contribute to print magazines such as the Local Buzz Magazine, Florida People Magazine, Teen Trend Magazine as well as SOTAC Magazine. All it takes to access advice, encouragement and guidance from Piazza is a phone call, e-mail or instant message away.

In addition, to her insight, Piazza assembled a team of highly talented and respected professionals from various fields to mentor the writers such as novelist, former editor and executive editor of several American newspapers, Del Marbrook. "Judyth Piazza is one of those imaginative people of boundless energy who change the world one day at a time. She has given young journalists around the world immeasurable help as they launch their careers in a period of great change in the entire communications industry.
I have spent my entire life as a reporter, editor and news executive, and I think I speak authoritatively when I say the profession needs people like her to design and execute the new operational and business models needed in the 21st Century. Once Judyth interviews you or The Student Operated Press writes about you, the contacts start pouring in. The reason is that Judyth and her staff understands how to use the Internet. They understand its potential, and they restlessly seek new ways to use it," says Marbrook.

The drive and determination from all who contribute to the SOP originates from a shared passion for delivering the truth and delivering it from a place of sincerity. The writers post in-depth and thought provoking articles on a daily basis ranging from entertainment, literature, politics, science, travel, national and world news. Interviews round out the news source and features figures such as Homer Hickam, author of October Sky, The Far Reaches, and many other books, and the late Yolanda King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which offers listeners and readers a fresh journalistic perspective. The SOP is definitely on the rise.

*About Judyth Piazza*

Judyth Piazza is following her passion and living her dream. As a young fourth grader, her desire was hard to contain and she marketed subscriptions to the Piazza News Day, of which she was Chief Editor. Piazza recalls: "When most little girls were asking their parents for Barbie and Ken dolls for Christmas, I was asking my parents for Peter Parker and Clarke Kent dolls. Even as a little girl I knew super heroes and Barbies were not real, but super writers were." 

Piazza has become a super writer, which is evident through her work on the SOP. She is the Content Manager and Editor of Newsblaze and also a nationally recognized print and radio personality producing and hosting, The American Perspective and Piazza`s Perspective on Itunes.

Piazza`s commitment not only to journalism but also to helping others led her to found the SOP. She wanted to turn the experiences she gained from traveling the journalistic career road into a resource to help students,
just like her.

Simon T Bailey, President of Imagination Institute had this to say about Piazza: "When I first met her a number of years ago, I was immediately impressed with her unwavering tenacity, attention to detail, and passionate commitment to achieve her objectives. Many times people dream up lofty ideas and concepts. However, they rarely execute on their ideas. Judyth is the exact opposite. The word "No" is foreign to her and finds a way to get a "Yes" out of anyone. This enterprising young woman is an incredible model for any aspiring individual who is looking to make a difference." 

The next goal on Piazza`s list is to bring the SOP to the next level by becoming bigger than CNN and Fox News. She also hopes to see the SOP play an important role in assisting 20,000 students find their way into media-related jobs. With the impressive progress of the SOP, thus far, and Piazza`s pioneering spirit the sky is the limit for the future of the SOP.

Whether you are a a budding writer, radio show host, photographer or cartoonist, we want you on board. The Student Operated Press, aims to provide you the opportunity to "strut your stuff" and provide for you a training ground where you can grow and learn from those already working in the media.

Please send your name, contact information (including email address,) biography and resume to the following email address and we`ll get back to you as soon as possible.: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript to enabled to view it.

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