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Published:November 28th, 2011 12:50 EST
Banned by The Blogs!

Banned by The Blogs!

By SOP newswire


I signed up with Shoutwire and started posting a few links to some news-worthy articles I have written. Friday I log-in to shoutwire and receive the notification "Your IP address has been banned!" Has this happened to you?

Many social bookmarking sites I`m signed up with welcome self-promotion, but several do not. Shoutwire definitely does NOT, and they even have a forum so people can tattle-tale on whoever they think is spamming (jeesh people - get a LIFE).

Updated Sept 9, 2007: in fact, they`re over there freaking out at Shoutwire about this article today in their Entertainment section, yet I can`t comment on it because I was banned... and they`re not providing much by way of constructive criticisms either.

Shoutwire let me post about 10 links (which each received several votes by other users who liked them) and then pulled the plug on me. Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Ma.gnolia, StumbleUpon, and a few others have let me post numerous links with no problems. In fact, Netscape emails me every week with a list of my articles that were voted on by other Netscape users, with an encouragement to keep up the good work!

What`s your opinion about self-promotion on social bookmarking sites?

I think it should be allowed, provided the articles being promoted have some useful content for the reader. Someone posting a link to their "buy vi[a]gra" landing page should be banned - that`s blatant spamming. But posting a link to a good "how to" article, or even a book review or informative product review, should be fine... even if you`re making money off the article. I mean, what`s wrong with that anyway?

[Begin Rant]:

Is it wrong to get compensated for your hard work, especially when it doesn`t cost your readers any more than they`d already be paying? Say someone clicks one of my links and makes a purchase. I get a commission from the merchant, not the customer, and often times I`m able to give the customer a discount coupon code or other discount link. Does that sound like such a bad thing? I don`t think so, but I guess some people feel there`s only so much money in the world and so if anyone else but them gets some of it, then it somehow takes away from their own little piece of the pie.

I think that`s why some people won`t click on Google ads. It doesn`t cost them anything to click, yet they won`t because somehow they feel that gives someone else money out of their own pocket. Well, it doesn`t, so get over it.

[End Rant]

Here are a few articles that I`ve submitted - judge for yourself and let me know whether you think these should be acceptable to post on sites like Shoutwire, Digg or Netscape:

  • Free J2EE Course - JavaServer Pages: This free online course will teach you how to create a JSP page, and how to use the Model 2 Design pattern to build extensibility and scalability into your J2EE web applications.

  • Look at my Sidis - pedals and footwear review: Cycling is all about "maximixing your comfort in your discomfort", and you don`t want to skimp on technical footwear. This article discuss the unique features of the LOOK bicycle pedals, and the Sidi handmade Italian road shoes.

  • Two ways to get a free RAZR phone: Here are two ways to get a free cell phone direct from Cingular or from an authorized wireless service provider.

  • How to transfer pictures from a RAZR phone to your PC: Three ways to transfer pictures from a RAZR phone to your PC, that actually work.

  • Book review: Babyproofing Your Marriage: This book`s subtitle "How to laugh more, argue less, and communicate better as your family grows" is definitely living up to its claim. My favorite part so far is how it helps dads understand literally what the hell happened to their wives once the kids arrived, and explains who is the strange person now occupying their bodies.

Each of these articles contain affiliate links to related products and services, and there are advertisements on each of these pages, from which I make money. So they`re definitely self-promotion. But they also provide the reader with some useful information.

Take the How to transfer pictures from a RAZR phone to your PC article - it`s received over 11,500 views in the last two months and several comments from visitors about how helpful the article was. They`ve been trying to find something that works and my article gave them the answer. They might not have found my article if I had not submitted it to Shoutwire, StumbelUpon, Digg and other bookmarking sites.

Readers get to see screenshots of the program and learn how it works before buying it, and I make a small amount of money from affiliate commission on the Motorola PhoneTools product solution recommended in the article. They also find it for $10 on Amazon instead of paying Motorola $50!

I think that`s a great combination; a true win-win.

If you have news-worthy blog posts or articles, and would like to boost traffic to them (who doesn`t?), then here`s a list of hundreds of them: All Things Web 2.0

Submitted by Rick Palmer