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Published:July 23rd, 2008 14:31 EST
FOX News: Anything But Fair And Balanced

FOX News: Anything But Fair And Balanced

By Robert Paul Reyes


FOX News is a master of the art of the Big Lie, every anchor repeats the FOX mantra (Fair and Balanced) at least a couple of times every day. If Joseph Goebbels were alive today his news network would have the same slogan: Welcome Aryans, Republicans and all decent Americans, stay tuned for a fair and balanced report on how the scumbag Jews are oppressing the Palestinians.

FOX News

FOX News is anything but fair and balanced in its coverage of the presidential campaign. Murdoch`s network not only tips Republican, but its coverage of Barack Obama borders on racism.

The FOX on-air talent are equal opportunity racists, most of the network`s anchors are virulently anti-immigrants. The FOX air heads make CNN`s Lou Dobbs look like an honorary member of La Raza.

"New York rapper Nas has joined a protest against FOX News

Citing what he calls `race baiting` and `Obama smears` by FOX, Nas will join and to deliver more than 620,000 petition signatures demanding that the network end its `pattern of racist attacks against black Americans,` among them presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

In joining the protest, Nas cites FOX`s portrayal of the Obamas as outsiders, as well as an on-screen graphic referring to Michelle Obama as `Obama`s baby mama"` and the confusing of Obama and Osama by a pundit, who joked that they should both be assassinated. In February, Bill O`Reilly talked about a `lynching party` to deal with Michelle Obama."

Quotation from Gene Stout/The Big Blog

FOX has exhibited a pattern of racism against African Americans and Hispanics. Every time an Hispanic undocumented worker commits a heinous crime, O`Reilly makes that his lead item and portrays all immigrants as criminals.

FOX is the only network that refers to Barack Obama as BHO in its on-screen graphics; they`re seeking to call attention to Barack`s Arabic middle name.

If you enjoy looking at female news personalities who look like porn stars, by all means tune in to FOX. But if you`re seeking fair and balanced coverage of current events check out CNN and MSNBC.