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Published:March 16th, 2009 11:38 EST
A Brave New Journalist: We Are Coming For You

A Brave New Journalist: We Are Coming For You

By R.J. Smith

A new generation of writers is emerging from the deepest depths of the Internet.  Those of us who are not above using words like pwned  and n00b .  This new class has not been to school for the required amount of years to learn the rules.  Therefore, we break them, all the time and blatantly.  And the people love us for it. 

The World Wide Web has brought out the natural writers who would have otherwise never even tried.  Cream rises to the top, and journalism students should take heed.  It is not the same game as it once was.  Print publications are slowly going the way of the dinosaurs.  Soon, in order for a writer to gain real fame, they will have to have a definite presence on the internet.  And the Internet, my future colleagues, well, that is our turf.

My turf.  Me and my people.  There are a lot of us, and we have the talent to make it.  Watch us, because one of these days you may have to ditch everything you learned in that boring classroom and do a complete retake on what the people want to read.  We already know what that is, because they tell us. 

A few of us out there write for massive amounts of people that love to comment on our work.  Myself, I work for an interactive Internet news site called ShoutWire, and I have heard it all.  I have been called every name in the book and more.  You haven`t really ever written until you have had your ideas dissected, analyzed, and ripped apart.  A professor doesn`t count.  They are there to teach you.  The people on the web are there to hurt your feelings.  They will say whatever they can to make you feel like you are the worst writer on the universe.  Some of them will even bring up valid points. 

The dark horses already have one up on the supposedly more educated writers.  We know what the people want, how they feel, and what they want to read.  We enjoy the criticism.  We want it.  We need it.  It is what feeds our fire. 

And fire, young writers, is what makes success.  Watch your rearview, oh educated ones, because one day soon we may be taking your jobs.