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Published:May 3rd, 2009 15:23 EST
Up Close and Personal with Piervincenzo Canale of

Up Close and Personal with Piervincenzo Canale of

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Join me on in welcoming Piervincenzo Canale!
I might have come across people; I may have chatted with many great women & men, but Canale, among the many few tremendous people, I recently had the opportunity to talk with--is an incredible multilingual person, an excellent interpreter, talented writer " Among many works of his which we will soon be discovering, he is also the CEO of, an on-line Italian media. This therefore makes more and more curious in wanting to know why Canale decided to brand his mission solely in African news and not European or Asia news."
I want to thank you for squeezing this in your hectic schedule and sharing yourself with our readers here at the Student Operated Press!
Zoneziwoh: I was extremely amazed the moment I came cross and to be honest with you, I said to myself that this is exactly one -of -one from African and wouldn`t notice such a marvelous idea and shut up!

Once again, Good day.

I`ve got a lot of questions I want to ask, but first in your own words, can you tell our readers "who are you?"
Piervincenzo Canale: Well, first of all, I am a journalist, I`m Italian and of course I am passionate about Africa and whatever Africans do in the world.
Zoneziwoh: Before we commence "How long has been existing?
Piervincenzo Canale: It exists since  May 25, 2008, the day dedicated to Africa in the whole world. As stated on
"Africa Day is the annual commemoration on May 25 of the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)."
Zoneziwoh: I have read through the mission statement of still! I keep asking myself; why Africa news and not world, Italian" why Africa news? Besides, none of your relation is African descend.
Piervincenzo Canale: Yes this is true that I am not African myself. Although I guess after reading so much of African writers, politicians, journalists, and above all the autobiography of Nelson Mandela describing his country and his visits to other neighbouring African countries, I feel linked to the big Continent even though I was not born there. Of course there are things that I like about Africa and other that I don`t. But this happens to every true love or interest at least, doesn`t it?
A more important answer to `why africanews` is that in Italy, much less than in other western European countries, people know very little about Africa and Africans. Nevertheless some cities in Italy and Europe have important African communities. Why Africa-news? Because only through true reporting and fair information we can prevent future wars and conflicts. Not knowing, or thinking to know through clichés, can only bring bad things.
Zoneziwoh: an online press, Canale! Let`s try something; take a cross section on most International Medias, do you feel that, so far, they have been friendly in reporting African news?
Piervincenzo Canale: I don`t think there has been a fair reporting about and from Africa. First of all very few Africans are reporting from their own country, city, village in the Continent. Most of all reports in western media are made by journalists who are foreigners to Africa. This is one of the reasons why I thought it is worth to try a media, such a website, where African journalists can report from and about their own country without any foreign filter, without any mediation. This is not always easy because first of all the internet is not, of course, the first priority in Africa. Nevertheless up until now is made by more than 15 African journalists and the number is growing. The majority of the reporters are based in Africa while other are based in Italy or in Europe reporting on African Diaspora.
Zoneziwoh: How will you describe in the next 5-10 years?
Piervincenzo Canale: I would describe it as an important news organization with many international links. A website that can gather the interest of Italy and the world to Africa. A genuine interest that goes beyond the much wanted natural resources. An interest that can bring humanity to where it belongs. A website that will be able to bring internet traffic from Africa to Italy and Europe and vice versa, therefore bringing knowledge and peace for all.
Zoneziwoh: It became evident to me while reading your profile that you have done some incredible things in your time! How do you manage all these with your social life?
Well! --You are handsome, interesting, inspiring persons. Indeed! You are a role model. And! How important is family to you?

Piervincenzo Canale: I thank you for saying me this because I`ve always felt that I still have much to do, I`ve never done enough.
Family to me is very important. I wouldn`t probably be able to do as much without it.

Zoneziwoh: Who are some of your biggest supporters and motivators? And also who are some of the people you yourself consider Mentors and that aid you in becoming who you are today?
Piervincenzo Canale: First the big leaders who inspired me since I was a kid: Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara. Then I would say my big brother, my parents and my whole family at large (in an African sense), they all supports me and motivate me. Last but not least, a big mentor to me was my former teacher of mathematics in junior classes` years. She always said to the whole class: "Do always your best. Work hard and always try to ameliorate yourself. Knowledge is the way forward".
Zoneziwoh: Now let`s Talk; Global economic crisis, what is your say within the Africa perspective?
Piervincenzo Canale: Well for what reporters said things are almost just as bad as usual. For some countries the crisis made problems worst, for other the conditions are a little bit better because the investments are growing.
I`d like to see Africa teaching the world that we can solve this crisis simply by changing our way of thinking. This means no more "higher, stronger and faster" but maybe something like the opposite. This also means not considering properties in a western way but in an African way. It means accepting that sharing is the way forward.
Zoneziwoh: What are some of the things you dislike?
Piervincenzo Canale: dishonesty, greed, arrogance.
Zoneziwoh: Any word to the African youths?
Piervincenzo Canale: Be positive. The world is yours. And of course if you anyone wants to volunteer for just send an email to
Zoneziwoh: On behalf of The Student Operated  Press and myself, Canale I thank you for sharing yourself with our readers!
Will you mind dropping your various web sites and links.

For more information on your recent updates and all the other things you are doing? As well as touring dates.
Piervincenzo Canale: I share my English language blog
And my Skype