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Published:August 25th, 2009 22:23 EST
The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

By Rouben Alikian

 Tumbling down the hole into the world`s embrace, the White Rabbit runs and glances at his watch. The A380 awaits and the motorized luggage in his hands is less than helpful. People pass him by like equals of another time in that airport terminal, but he has word to spread so they may know which lodging and which stock market has anything to offer.


 He is the modern echo from the honorable and iconic splendor of the grand Victorian era. He is the one, the unprecedented, the most human and approachable Richard Quest.


 Ever since I was a wannabe business graduate on the verge of finishing high school, I followed every program that came from Him with ravenous hunger. Patiently waiting for the next city the White Rabbit would run through or the next theme he would stump beneath his lucky foot, I knew that he would not disappoint and the rewards of priceless knowledge would be great.


 In our time of amateurs and blaspheming celebrities fighting for the last scraps of fame strewn across a rotting table of economic crisis television, one man stands out among the grey mass of Me too " professionals. He knows no borders, his relevance is unmatched and his manner of presentation can only be marveled upon. Exuding every last breath of gentleman persona, clad in a seventies style overcoat and the unmistakable eyeglasses that shine as equals with his British teeth, Mr. Quest is the epitome of human engineering.


 Seldom will you find a man more in touch with the public. Rarely will you watch a program that ties you like hypnosis by its facts and factoids thrown your way like jewels purchased at an easy price. And not too often these days will you hear sentences that are not focused egoistically on the anchorperson himself, but on the welfare of the viewer.


 Who can forget the life saving tips offered in case of a hotel fire emergency? Who can deny the allure of Mr. Quest`s voice and style of telling the story that makes one sit and watch? Who will claim that they have not learned at least one useful piece of information from Business Traveler on CNN?


 There`s no one. Because the hole leading to reality`s wonderland is as deep as the world is round and who can ask for a better guide through its wonders and mishaps than the White Rabbit?