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Published:December 4th, 2006 08:14 EST
Trenton Cracks Down on Murder

Trenton Cracks Down on Murder

By Inactive Writer

Trenton, N.J.--Tens of thousands of Americans take the lives of their fellow citizens each year.  Recently, the city of Trenton decided to do something about it. 

In light of the sixteenth murder in the area this year, Trenton Police Director Joseph Santiago announced the creation of a "Homicide Task Force" on December 1st. It will examine the similarities or connections between recent homicide investigations. 

"In the past we have used a systematic Zero Tolerance Zones approach in response to the commission of any violent act and this will continue," Santiago said.

The approach will involve numerous officers on duty in the areas that intelligence reports as the most likely places for violence.  "Our response will be seen in overwhelming presence of our police in the neighborhoods that we know are the hubs for these thugs," Santiago stated.

There shall be Command Posts set throughout the city.  Police will block avenues with a large presence of gangs or any hot spots for violence. 

According to Santiago, they will "stop and challenge individuals" and write Field Interview Reports to gather information.  The Trenton police plan to examine thoroughly all empty buildings for drugs and weapons.  They will place active warrants on evident gang members.  

Santiago said that "all of our resources and tools will be utilized to combat this and any future violent behavior in our city streets." 

Note: This article was originally contributed by a writer who is no longer affiliated with theSOP.