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Published:December 20th, 2006 04:13 EST
Funk Clinton Punk'd, Video Camera Stolen

Funk Clinton Punk'd, Video Camera Stolen

By Inactive Writer

Not everybody has the gumption to take candy from a baby, but there are those among us who will still go to great lengths to take video camera equipment from a 65 year-old man.  Especially if that senior is George Clinton, funk star extraordinaire of the band George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic. The theft occurred during the shooting of Clinton`s upcoming music video, Bounce 2 This. The stolen video camera is said to have contained footage from the not-yet-released video. Although surveillance cameras managed to catch the thief on film, publicist Sandy Friedman said in a statement Tuesday the individual was unrecognizable amongst others gathered at the video shoot.  Clinton has since then announced that he would like the publics help in nabbing the thief.

Still actively recording and touring, Clinton is also busy starring as himself in the upcoming film Horrorween, directed by Joe Estevez. The cast includes cameos by such names as Alice Cooper, William Shatner, and possible Jenna Jameson.

Our own Judyth Piazza, senior editor for and content editor at, also makes an appearance as a reporter/journalist in the film scheduled for release Halloween 2007.

It was because Clinton was on set shooting this horror movie that he was unable to direct attention to the missing video camera earlier, publicist Karen Sundell commented. The camera and various other items had been missing for a week Clinton sought the help of the public.  Clinton`s agent, Eban Kelly, was unavailable for comment concerning the theft.

If you have information about the stolen camera, please contact the Los Angeles authorities.

Note: The original writer who contributed this article is no longer affiliated with theSOP.