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Published:March 18th, 2010 12:39 EST
MI6 Operational Officers Needed

MI6 Operational Officers Needed

By SOP newswire


Our Operational Officers collect, produce and deliver intelligence in a number of roles - as Case Officers, Targeting Officers, Analysts or Reports Officers.  Here`s some more detail about each one:

Case Officers plan and execute covert intelligence operations overseas. Working in London and abroad, Case Officers gather the secret intelligence which government needs to promote and defend UK national interests.

It calls for people who combine exceptional interpersonal skills with a strong intellect and a high degree of personal integrity. You also need to be able to influence and persuade others, and to do so across cultural and linguistic boundaries. If you`re bilingual or come from an ethnically diverse background, you`ll be welcome for the particular skills and insights you bring.

Regardless of your background and experience, you have to be results-orientated and resourceful, and motivated by the challenge of solving complex problems. Resilience is important, as is the ability to deliver results under pressure, often in difficult and stressful environments. Lastly, you need a keen interest in international issues and a curiosity about other cultures, along with an appetite for living and working overseas. Case Officers will usually be able to demonstrate a familiarity with foreign cultures, perhaps gained from independent travel.

Targeting Officers carry out research and analysis in order to plan and manage operations. Analysts specialise in advanced data analysis techniques. Both Targeting Officers and Analysts need to be able to assimilate, process and interpret large amounts of information in fast-moving situations. Reports Officers collate, assess, validate and disseminate intelligence to appropriate readers in government. Whereas the work of the Targeting Officer and Analyst might focus on identifying and disrupting terrorist activity, that of the Reports Officer will involve representing SIS at Whitehall inter-departmental meetings, developing expertise in a specific area and discussing future intelligence requirements with Case Officers.

For any of these demanding roles you will need a strong academic record and a history of personal achievement and influence in extra-curricular activities. You will also have to have a demonstrable commitment to public service and a keen interest in foreign affairs.

All candidates for operational roles go through the same application process. The selection process will help determine suitability for specific roles. There are opportunities to move between roles after joining.

Technical Operations Officers travel overseas to deploy technical equipment in support of the core objectives of the Service. They are capable across a wide range of technologies, particularly computers and wi-fi, telephony and RF engineering. Some have come to us from the Armed Forces, some from other government departments and others come from leading-edge commercial companies. What they have in common is a sense of adventure and a drive to succeed in challenging circumstances.

Technical Operations officers work in small teams and with growing experience comes the opportunity to move into team leadership roles. Some spend their whole career in the field, whilst others develop the different skills necessary for managing technical operations and teams.

We want our people to come from the widest possible range of backgrounds and to bring a diverse mix of skills and experience. So we are happy to hear from men and women from the public or private sector looking for a change, as well as from new graduates.