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Published:January 6th, 2008 10:15 EST
MI6 Recruiting language specialists

MI6 Recruiting language specialists

By Alex Alex


Specialist language skills are crucial to our work. If language is your strength, you could spend most of your career in the UK working with raw intelligence product. You might also interpret or train other staff in language skills. Some of our Language Specialists have the chance to work overseas. Those who demonstrate an aptitude can go on to broaden their skills and experience on work in Operations or Corporate Services.

You will need a very high level of skill in at least one of the languages we currently need, and be prepared to learn additional languages or dialects during your career. You may have acquired your language skills in different ways, perhaps through academic study or living and working abroad. It may be the language spoken at home as you were growing up. What matters most is that you are motivated personally and professionally by the challenge of working with languages on a daily basis.

Language Specialists join us at different stages of their working life. Some apply shortly after graduating from university; others are looking for a change of career to use their language skills more fully; and others are returning to work after a career break.  In each case, your expertise and personal qualities are far more important than your particular background.

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