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Published:May 24th, 2008 18:13 EST
Thieves Who Steal Metal For Scrap Should Face Stiffer Penalties

Thieves Who Steal Metal For Scrap Should Face Stiffer Penalties

By Robert Paul Reyes

These are the best of times for oil company executives, but for most of the rest of us these are the worst of times. In tough economic times some folks have yard sales or collect aluminum cans to supplement their meager incomes.

Then there are those desperate souls who resort to illegal means to make ends meet:

"Stealing metal to sell for scrap is nothing new, but officials say thieves are going to greater lengths and thefts are becoming more disruptive.
The target in most thefts is copper and aluminum; bronze and brass, which contain copper, are also popular targets.

The thefts range from more traditional items like copper wire, hurricane shutters and air conditioning units to cemetery vases, catalytic converters and flush valves from public toilets."

Quotation from NaplesNews.Com

These kind of thefts don't just happen in big cities like New York City or San Francisco, in my small town in Virginia a friend of mine had his aluminum shed in his back yard stolen while he was on vacation.

These acts of theft/vandalism are a big strain in the budgets of small towns. Cities are beginning to take these thefts seriously, and they are imposing stiffer penalties.

"To combat the thefts, Florida lawmakers are considering legislation to require dealers to gather and keep more information on sellers. Scrap metal thieves, and dealers who violate the law, would face stiffer fines and jail time if convicted."

Quotation from NaplesNews.Com

Thieves even steal manhole covers, and this can pose a safety hazard that can result in a tragic automobile accident. I hope these brazen thieves will face stiffer fines in municipalities and states all over this country.